5 riverside campsites for memorable vacations in Alsace Lorraine

Les meilleurs campings en Alsace Lorraine

Want to spend a cool holiday in a relaxing setting? Discover the best campsites in Alsace-Lorraine.

Alsace-Lorraine may be known for its relatively heavy historical past, but this is not the only thing that defines the region. In fact, it is the crossroads of different cultures: French, German and Swiss. Alsace-Lorraine is a superb region of vineyards, half-timbered houses and historic sites.

Although the region offers a wide range of accommodation, each more pleasant than the last, a vacation in a tent can be a wonderful experience! This type of holiday has the advantage of satisfying young and old alike. While the kids play on the playground or in the campsite club, the parents can read a book by the lake or river… not bad, eh?

If you’re ready to spend a holiday in picturesque surroundings with a change of scenery and share great moments with your family, read this guide to the best campsites in Alsace-Lorraine!

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Domaine des Messires

Camping Domaine des Messires

Credit: campings.com

  • Destination: Herpelemont
  • Stars: ★★★★

You can combine relaxation and activities at Domaine des Messires, one of the best campsites in Alsace-Lorraine. It’s located on the banks of the Vosges lake. And where there’s a lake, there’s bound to be water activities, right? The campsite has canoes at your disposal and indicates the best fishing spots: a good barbecue meal awaits you! But the activities don’t stop there! There’s a soccer pitch and a children’s playground.

Those who prefer to relax will opt instead for a sunbathing session by the lake… just as pleasant. Finally, Domaine de Messires is an ideal base for exploring the region. On foot via the many hiking trails, or by bike on the cycle paths, there’s no better way to discover Alsace-Lorraine. So get moving!

Camping du Lac de Moselotte

Camping du Lac de Moselotte

Credit: campings.com

  • Destination: Saulxures-sur-Moselotte
  • Stars: ★★★★

Welcome to Saulxures-sur-Moselotte, « the ideal place for a great stay » – in short, one of the best campsites in Alsace-Lorraine! So, where do you start… the barbecue rental service, the bread depot, the laundry, the grocery store, the bar or the restaurant…? As you’ll have gathered, the campsite offers a host of facilities to make your life easier and your stay even more enjoyable! What’s more, as its name suggests, the Lac de Moselotte campsite is home to… a lake!

You can read a book under a tree near the waterhole, listening to the birds and frogs singing… a real change of scenery! Others may prefer to play a game of ping-pong on one of the campsite’s many tables: it’s time to take on your neighbors! Finally, the little ones will also find plenty to do in the playground, open all year round, or at the campsite club, which offers a wide range of fun activities.

Camping Le Giessen

Camping Paradis Le Giessen

Credit: campings.com

  • Destination: Bassemberg
  • Stars: ★★★★

Welcome to Giessen la, where fun is definitely part of the trip! Here, not only are you staying in a beautiful region, but also in a fantastic campsite. There are plenty of facilities for the whole family. How about an indoor pool with paddling pool and waterslide, as well as an outdoor pool and playground?

Not bad, eh? What’s more, the campsite has a small river running through it, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip after a busy day. But wait… that’s not all! The campsite also boasts a multi-sports ground, a bowling green, ping-pong tables and even a skate park.

What more can we say? Not much, except that it’s an ideal starting point for discovering the region and its places of interest. So, after all that we’ve just said, we’ve no doubt for a second that Le Giessen can be included in our list of the best campsites in Alsace-Lorraine!

Camping Parc de Fecht

Camping Parc de Fecht

Credit: campings.com

  • Destination: Munster
  • Stars: ★★★

The town of Munster isn’t just famous for its cheese. Located in the heart of Alsace, not far from it is a delightful little campsite. Crossed by a river and close to a lake, it offers pitches surrounded by trees. When you arrive here, you immediately disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life… And doesn’t that feel good?

But beyond its geographical location and picturesque setting, the campsite’s appeal is partly due to its quality services. Laundry, bread delivery service, table tennis, table soccer and a children’s playroom are just some of the facilities on offer. So, stop everything, we’ve found a way for you to spend a great vacation in eco-friendly accommodation with a change of scenery… Welcome to one of the best campsites in Alsace-Lorraine!

Camping cœur d’Alsace

Camping Coeur d'Alsace

Credit: campings.com

  • Destination: Harskirchen
  • Stars: ★★

It’s never easy to round off a selection of accommodation… Especially when it comes to campsites in Alsace-Lorraine. Fortunately, Camping Cœur d’Alsace does just that! Here’s a rough idea of what your days might be like if you chose to spend your vacations in this superb location. In the morning, we wake up to sunshine and birdsong that gently titillate our ears.

Then it’s off to relax by the lake, reading a book or waiting for the fish to take the bait. At midday, everyone meets up at the site to share a meal in the sun. The afternoon is devoted to a giant tournament organized on the campsite playgrounds.

In the evening, after a busy day, head to the snack bar at the entrance for a bite to eat before going to bed, lulled by the gentle sounds of nature… and ready to do it all over again!

Did you like this selection of campsites in Alsace-Lorraine? Did it make you want to explore the region? Which one caught your eye the most? Tell us all about it in the comments!