5 river walks in Alsace Lorraine

Paysage d'Hunawihr, Alsace

Escape along the waterways by following our selection of the most beautiful hikes in Alsace Lorraine.

Alsace-Lorraine boasts a wealth of remarkable natural landscapes and majestic waterways, giving you the opportunity to explore the region on your own. The itineraries on offer take you along a variety of paths, from plains to hills to mountains. Discover them without further ado and enjoy an unforgettable experience! Are you ready to go?

Hiking from Lindre-Basse to Tarquimpol

Domaine de Lindre

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The Sentier des Paysages, a hiking trail from Lindre-Basse to the Tarquimpol peninsula, offers a breathtaking view of the Etang de Lindre, with country hedges and trees to shelter you from the sun. There’s also a picnic area near the spillway of the large pond. And don’t miss a visit to Tarquimpol, a Roman city with an unusual church featuring a 12th-century round tower.

On site, the Domaine de Lindre, a real treasure of the region, is a 1000-hectare nature reserve. On your way there, you’ll find ponds and canals, reeds, meadows and forests. The estate is home to hundreds of bird species every year, as well as a variety of amphibians and reptiles. You can contemplate all this from one of the two ornithological observatories. Attractive, isn’t it?

Take the Heidenkirch waterfall tour

circuit des cascades autour de la Heidenkirch

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For a getaway in the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park, the waterfall trail is sure to delight nature lovers. This trail, marked « anneau vert », is an 8km hike to discover the remains of the ruined Heidenkirche church, built of Vosges sandstone, and the Petite-Pierre Nord state forest.

The walk starts from the Butten parking lot, and will take you to these remains, notably by passing close to a ravine on a woodcutter’s path. The walk offers spectacular views over sandstone outcrops and intermittent waterfalls during rainy periods. Finally, don’t miss the chance to discover the history of the medieval town of Frenétrange, Sarrebourg, or the aquatic Maginot Line.

Discover the Pond Trail: Rhodes – Lindre – Canal

The Pays des Étangs is ideal if you’re a cycling enthusiast, thanks to its captivating panoramas, peaceful surroundings and pleasant cycle-touring routes. Starting from the charming village of Rhodes, near the Etang du Stock, your route will take you through the unspoilt nature of the Moselle, located in the Lorraine Regional Nature Park. Enjoy exceptional views at Tarquimpol and discover the half-timbered house « du Clément ». What’s more, this bike tour can be punctuated by a stop at the « Trois Ponts » locality.

Take a stroll on the earthenware circuit in Sarreguemines


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If you’d like to learn more about the history and expertise of earthenware in Alsace-Lorraine, the Circuit de la Faïence de Sarreguemines is sure to please! You’ll discover six stages that will take you back through two centuries of earthenware production. It all begins at Moulin de la Blies, where you’ll follow a winding path along the banks of the Blies and Sarre rivers.

Along the way, discover the wonders of the Musée des Techniques Faïencières and the Jardin des Faïenciers, the Four à Faïence, the Jardin d’Hiver, the Casino and the Cité des Faïenceries. The tour ends with a visit to the earthenware store, where you’ll find a large collection of modern objects and copies of old ones.

Hike the Troglodyte trail in Haselbourg

Maisons troglodytiques Pays de Phalsbourg

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This walk takes you to the Rocher de Dabo, a historic Celtic, Roman and medieval site. With a distance of 10.8km and an altitude difference of 365m, you’ll be amazed by the surrounding ridges and valleys. The route takes you past the troglodytic houses of the Falkenfels, witnesses to a bygone lifestyle, and past some exceptional historic sites. Nearby, you can also visit the Lehrer Crystal Works and Lutzelbourg Castle.

Now that you’ve discovered the most beautiful walks along Alsace-Lorraine’s waterways, all you have to do is put on your hiking boots and set off on your adventure! Feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments below. So, are you ready to explore the nature and heritage of this beautiful region?