5 reasons to choose an all-inclusive vacation

Going on vacation is one thing, going on an all-inclusive vacation is quite another! Here are our 5 reasons to choose this option for your next vacation

This year has been exhausting, and you don’t feel up to the task of organizing the vacations? No problem! We’ve got the solution to your problem: all-inclusive packages. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, these packages are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason.

Here are 5 reasons to choose an all-inclusive vacation in France, or anywhere else!

What is the all-inclusive offer?


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All-inclusive vacations are not just for those with unlimited budgets. Nor are they for holidaymakers who don’t want to take the time to organize their stay. On the contrary, they’re accessible to everyone, at every price point!

Whether in France or abroad, all-inclusive vacations are the ideal way to get away from it all and enjoy the many advantages they offer.

Flight, accommodation, catering and sometimes activities – it’s all included in the price! As a family, you’ll be able to take time for yourself and your children, without having to worry about meals or activities to keep you occupied. So you can relax, and so can your children!

Enjoy a personalized vacation


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Whether you choose to go away as a couple, with friends or as a family, all-inclusive vacations are for everyone. There’s something for everyone, especially children. Thanks to all-inclusive vacations and the many activities they include, you’ve got nothing to worry about! You can completely personalize your schedule, alternating between relaxation, sport and discovery. All you have to do is choose what you like to do and give it your all.

As far as children are concerned, day-care centers can take care of them for the duration of your excursion. Not that you want to be away from them for the duration of your stay, but not all activities are accessible to them. Some require a certain level of physical fitness or a minimum height. Others are simply not recommended for children!

So kids can have fun too

During the vacations, let’s not forget the children. They may be the most complicated to keep occupied and entertained, but there’s no family vacation without them. That’s why most all-inclusive hotels offer children’s clubs, where they can make friends and have fun. All under the supervision of instructors who take care of the children with fun activities adapted to all ages.

Afternoon swimming, sports or orienteering? There’s something for everyone! The idea is that the child leaves with a head full of memories…

To benefit from the agency’s partnerships


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Agencies that offer all-inclusive packages give you many other advantages. Like, for example, taking advantage of their partnerships with local service providers (in France and abroad). And because vacations are also about discovery, don’t miss out!

Thanks to these partnerships, you can discover the best of a destination on your own terms. The excursions available from the hotel are often numerous, varied and focused on exploring the destination.

All you need to do is register, and there’s no need to prepare or bring any equipment. For excursions requiring accessories, these are generally provided, such as a wetsuit for scuba diving. This is the advantage of subscribing to an all-inclusive offer. Not only do you have easy access to great outings and discoveries, but you also benefit from reduced or even free rates, depending on your package.

So you don’t have to worry about food


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There’s nothing more stressful than having to think about and prepare meals, especially on a family holiday. It’s an everyday task, and vacations are designed to take it away. That’s why all-inclusive vacations stand out once again. No need to anticipate meals and their contents. Nor the costs they may entail. With all-inclusive formulas, you can enjoy breakfasts, lunches and dinners without worrying about menus or individual preferences.

So, morning, noon or night, you have access to tailor-made catering services. Whether it’s a buffet or à la carte, there’s something for everyone, and something for you. You’ll be able to concentrate on your tastings rather than your preparations! A winning combination!

What’s more, in the hotel setting, you can satisfy a small hunger or thirst at any time of day. Hotels with all-inclusive packages often have a number of snacks and bars, perfect for lounging around with a local specialty or fresh fruit juice in hand. Sometimes, you can even be served directly from your deckchair. Why deprive yourself of personalized service?

For aperitifs out of the ordinary

Most all-inclusive vacations offer unlimited access to the bar. In other words, alcohol is not added to your bill. Of course, this privilege must be taken with care and used in moderation. All-you-can-drink doesn’t work miracles, even on vacation. However, it does provide an opportunity to try out new flavors and mixtures.

A real little extra for some, completely harmless for others, the evening aperitif by the pool, lulled by a warm breeze, is sure to embellish any vacation.

For a relaxing vacation

pour que vacances riment avec détente

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No matter how many times we say it, it’s not always easy to apply the principle of relaxation on a family vacation. But that’s the whole point of leaving home with the kids: you need to relax to get off to a flying start! If you had to add to that the preparation and organization of your vacation, you’d be hard pressed to regenerate completely. That’s without counting on all-inclusive packages. They’ll be just what you need to relax and unwind. And why? Because they understand these needs and offer services tailored to meet them.

For example, the hotel and its rooms are cleaned daily. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean and tidy room to soothe you after a day of discovery. All-inclusive vacation bookings also include a number of services and amenities, such as massages, the availability of a hammam or spa, the chance to sip a cool cocktail by the pool… Everything is designed to ensure guests’ relaxation and well-being!

Control your vacation budget

contrôler son budget

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When it comes to family vacations, budget is often the main issue. And it’s easy to imagine that all-inclusive vacations come with a substantial budget, when in reality… it’s quite the opposite. In fact, at the time, the expense seems greater, but once you’re there, that’s when you realize what a winning investment it is.

The cost is well worth it, especially when it comes to catering. You simply won’t have any extra, at least in the hotel where you’re staying, if you never eat out. In fact, all-inclusive packages often include drinks at the bar, ice creams and snacks for the children… A clear advantage over families who « only » benefit from half-board. In fact, treating yourself to one or two meals a day for the whole family takes time and money.

With all-inclusive packages, you can concentrate on your vacation and your family. You can choose between a « sedentary » trip, during which you enjoy the hotel, its infrastructure and all-inclusive services, and a « discovery » trip, during which you can take a few excursions from the hotel. You’ll be in complete control of your budget, choosing any extras yourself.