5 reasons not to add low-fat products to your shopping list!

Verified on 07/24/2023 by Anais Lhote, Site Manager
5 raisons de ne pas ajouter de produits allégés à votre liste de courses !

We’ve all made this mistake before! When we want to lose a few calories, we’ve all opted for low-fat products!

Low-fat potato chips, low-calorie mayonnaise, even low-sugar yoghurt… they give us a clear conscience that we’re keeping our figure, but these products are far from being the healthiest! Here’s how!

Low-fat products contain additives and sweeteners

To make up for the reduction in fat or sugar, low-fat products can contain substitute substances such as additives or sweeteners.

For example, to appear creamier, low-fat products often contain texture agents such as thickeners or emulsifiers.

In some diet drinks, sweets or chewing gum with no added sugar, sugar is replaced by aspartame or other substances that provide no calories, but whose use remains controversial!

In fact, the biggest consumers of aspartame can develop cancer!

Low-fat products have less taste

Reducing fat or sugar can lead to a loss of flavor in low-fat products! To compensate for this loss of taste, additives and texture agents are often added!

Low-fat products, for example, are often blander, and sweetened substitutes can leave an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

Low-fat products are often more expensive

Depending on the product category and brand, low-fat products can be sold at a higher price than traditional foods!

A bit steep, especially when you consider that some low-fat products are obtained simply by adding water!

Low-fat products are less satiating

Low-fat products can make you feel less satiated than normal products, since fats and sugars generally contribute to the feeling of satisfaction after meals.

Since they have fewer calories than traditional products, they don’t last as long in the body. You’re more likely to get cravings in the middle of the day!

Low-fat products don’t make you lose weight

It’s time to put an end to this myth: low-fat products don’t necessarily promote weight loss! Low-fat does not necessarily mean calorie-free!

Some studies even suggest that low-fat products may not contribute as much as expected to weight loss!

They can simply give you a boost, as long as you keep your overall calorie intake under control and don’t overdo it!