5 exotic dairy products to try for pleasure and health!

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5 laitages exotiques à essayer pour le plaisir, et la santé !

Tired of eating the same dairy products? Looking for a change? We’ll take you on a journey to discover 5 dairy products from around the world to enjoy for pleasure and health…

1. Lassi

Originating in India, where the cow is considered a sacred creature, lassi is a traditional drink made from fermented milk (yoghurt) flavored with fruit, spices or herbs.

An excellent source of calcium, lassi contributes to strong bones and can be enjoyed as a smoothie at breakfast or as a snack.

2. The filmjölk

Filmjölk is a traditional fermented dairy product from Sweden, widely consumed in the Nordic countries.

Scandinavians eat it mainly for breakfast, combining it with muesli, crackers, dried fruit and berries…

As well as being low in fat (just 3%), filmjölk is rich in calcium and protein.

3. Greek yoghurts

There are two types of traditional Greek yogurt: straggisto and astraggisto. The former is made from sheep’s, goat’s or cow’s milk, and is intended to be low in whey.

It is used in particular to make tzatziki. The second is the undrained version of straggisto. Both types of Greek yogurt are reputed to contain live bacterial strains: the famous probiotics.

They are particularly suitable for adults and seniors with impoverished intestinal flora. However, they are not recommended for younger people.

4. Caucasian kefir

Consumed in the Caucasus since ancient times, kefir is a beverage made by fermenting milk (cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s) or sweetened fruit juices. It is prepared using kefir grains, a sourdough made up essentially of lactic acid bacteria and yeast.

With its slightly carbonated consistency, kefir is a concentrate of probiotics. In addition to acting on the intestinal flora and regulating transit, kefir offers benefits for the immune system, skin and bones, thanks to its many vitamins (B, C, D, E, K).

5. The Laban

Also known as Leben, liben or lben, laban is a traditional Middle Eastern and North African drink made from fermented milk.

It can be consumed as a refreshing drink or as an accompaniment to a meal. Laban contains properties similar to those of kefir.

C’est une excellente boisson pour la flore intestinale et pour réguler le transit. Très pauvre en calories et en graisses, le Laban est aussi réputé pour lutter contre le risque de diabète de type 2.