4 ways to discover Bordeaux specialities

Photo d'un cannelé en train d'être démoulé

Planning a trip to Bordeaux? Here are our 4 original ways to discover Bordeaux’s specialties!

Bordeaux is synonymous with wine. The elegant metropolis of south-western France is, as you probably know, surrounded by some of the finest vineyards in France and Navarre. The world flocks to taste them and visit the

that make them so famous. But Port de la Lune isn’t just about wines, it’s also about other famous Bordeaux specialties, like cannelés!

Naturally, you’ll want to take advantage of your visit to La Grande Endormie to sample some of these wonders. We’ve selected 4 ways for you to discover Bordeaux specialities during your stay!

Tasty Escape Game in Sauternes

The sweet escape, escape game à Bordeaux

Photo credit: Winalist.fr

  • 👍 Number of participants: 4 to 10 people
  • Duration: 1h30
  • 💰 Price: from €30/person

Our first adventure is an original Escape Game right in the heart of the city.

. The Sweet Escape takes place at Château de Rayne Vigneau, a Sauternes Grand Cru Classé. Created at the beginning of the 17th century, the estate extends over 84 hectares in a single block on a magnificent hill overlooking the Sauternes region.

You’ll discover a chateau and a Grand Cru vineyard with an Escape Game combining tastings and riddles. Inside the beautiful building, you and your fellow experimenters will have to find a stone with astonishing powers, foil riddles and codes, and use the logic and observation skills of all participants to capture Rayne Vigneau’s secret! If the experience appeals to you, take the plunge and enjoy both the setting and the tasting. Discover this experience

💙 We love : the incredible setting with the Château and vineyard.

Your pastry, your cannelés

montage photos ateliers patisseries cannelés


  • 👍 Number of participants: 2 to 6 people
  • Duration: 2h30
  • 💰 Price: €75/person

As mentioned above, Bordeaux doesn’t just shine for its exceptional wines. The Port de la Lune is also known for a singular little pastry: the cannelé bordelais. This cylindrical cake delights the palate with its fine caramelized crust, concealing a deliciously soft and tender pastry, flavored with rum and vanilla. No doubt you’ll want to try a few during your stay! So rather than buying them in any store, take advantage of a special experience to create them yourself. This is what Sandra, artisan pastry chef, offers you with a dedicated 2h30 workshop.

You’ll learn not only how to make perfect cannelés, but also how to create a Basque cake! An expert in local pastry-making, Sandra will involve you in every step of the cake-making process. She’ll give you lots of tips on how to make a success of them both at the workshop and at home. You’ll never forget Bordeaux and its specialties! Discover this activity

💙 We love: meeting a local pastry chef.

Enjoy a good Bordeaux wine from a great height

musée du vin à bordeaux pour découvrir les spécialités bordelaises

Photo credit: Get Your Guide

  • 👍 Number of participants: unlimited!
  • Duration: 2h30
  • 💰 Price: from €21/person

The Cité du Vin is a unique site dedicated to the sacred beverage of the Greek gods! Located in the heart of Bordeaux, on the banks of the Garonne, this fascinating, modern space is open to all. So to discover Bordeaux’s specialists in an exceptional way, it offers you an unmissable experience: a tasting from the 8ᵉ floor belvedere!

You’ll enjoy a panoramic view, perched 35 meters high. But above all, you’ll be able to sample some of the region’s most succulent grape varieties. Then it’s on to the Cité du Vin’s permanent tour, featuring 19 wine-themed exhibitions. Learn about


using your 5 senses. Discover this activity

💙 We love: a breathtaking view while tasting a glass of wine selected by the Museum.

The must-do Sidecar tasting

Visite des vignes en side-car à Bordeaux

Photo credit: Retro Tour Bordeaux

  • 👍 Number of participants: 1 to 4 people
  • Duration: 3h00
  • 💰 Price: from €230/group

When you’re not a local, it’s not always your day to sample the local delicacies! Nor is it often that you get to ride in a sidecar. Alexandre invites you to combine the two, to discover Bordeaux’s specialties and to visit the city! As a lover of the city, your guide will help you discover Bordeaux’s secrets and unusual places. You’ll also pass by some of its must-see sites and be able to take some great photos. Taste some local specialties along the way, and take advantage of these moments of exchange to pick up your guide’s best tips! This will make the rest of your visit all the more interesting. So, are you ready to discover Bordeaux and its specialities, with your hair blowing in the wind? Discover this activity

💙 We love: the motorcycle and its vintage sidecar.

This experience closes our original list of 4 ways to discover Bordeaux specialties! Which one will you do on your next trip? Do you have an experience you’d like to share with us?