4 unusual Airbnb places to stay in France

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary getaway? Discover our selection of four truly atypical Airbnb accommodations, all over France.

Hotels, self-catering cottages, apartments and houses for rent, mobile homes on campsites, all-inclusiveresorts … A multitude of accommodation solutions are available to travelers looking for a place to stay during their vacations or short breaks. You’ve probably already taken advantage of one or more of them, haven’t you? Today, we’d like to take you off the beaten track and make your own atypical places to sleep in France. These four exceptional airbnb properties are sure to delight travelers in search of an unforgettable living experience. Like you?

Say « Troglo »!

maison troglodyte airbnb dans la falaise en France

Photo credit: Airbnb

Long gone are the days when human beings slept in caves to protect themselves from predators. However, tens of thousands of years later, these natural shelters have been transformed into comfortable troglodytic dwellings. We unearthed one of the most beautiful of these in Cotignac, in the heart of the Var region.

This picturesque village, emblematic of Provence Verte, is famous for its 80-metre-high tufa cliff. In the heart of the porous rock, you’ll take possession of a splendid dwelling featuring four carefully decorated levels. Some of the interior walls are made of rough slabs of : prehistoric ambience guaranteed!

This home is particularly bright, thanks to the glass windows overlooking the sumptuous landscapes of the Var hinterland. Comfort is the order of the day, especially in winter thanks to the fireplace. When you wake up in the morning, count on the sound of birdsong: here, nature reigns! This atypical Airbnb accommodation in France is easily accessible from the village of Cotignac, with its typical ochre facades.

On this rocky holiday, you can explore the surrounding area and inhale the characteristic herbaceous scents of Provence. If you’re lucky enough to visit in summer, you’ll be able to take advantage of the twice-weekly craft market and the many summer events. Last but not least, the Sillans waterfall and the Sainte-Croix lake are only a few steps away. Book this troglodyte house

💙 We love: an unusual, timeless place, in Cro-Magnon mode.

The floating nest

cabane sur l'eau atypique en Bretagne, France

Photo credit: Airbnb

Welcome to the Gulf of Morbihan, and more specifically to Crach, Crac’h, or Krac’h in Breton. In French, the name of the commune is pronounced « crac ». And indeed, you’ll fall in love with Kabane de Kerforn, a floating dwelling in the middle of a one-hectare lake, itself nestled in the heart of a 16-hectare wood. Do you swear by calm? Then this atypical Airbnb is the place for you! This floating Tiny House is only accessible by boat , as it is located 40 meters from the mooring pontoon. Of course, the boat is at your disposal throughout your stay. Lovers will enjoy the cosy atmosphere and the pleasant lapping of the water, perfect for relaxing.

Did your first night go well? You’ll be gently awakened by the melodious songs of the birds – your only companions – throughout your stay. If you feel like it, you can join ducks, moorhens and herons for a swim in the clear water of the pond, before enjoying your breakfast on the terrace. Your breakfast will be delivered each morning.

Does the water feel a little too cool? If so, opt for the lakeside Nordic spa, which can accommodate up to two people. Don’t hesitate to leave the extreme comfort of your floating bubble for a few hours, and explore the wonders of this region of France. The port of Saint-Goustan, the Kervin-Brigitte dolmen and are just waiting for you! Book the Kabane de Kerforn

💙 We like: tranquility: it’s accessible by boat.

Like a Hobbit

logement atypique maison de hobbit semi enterree dans une coline en France

Photo credit: Airbnb

Did you know? The average height of Hobbits, those mischievous little creatures born from the imagination of novelist J. R. R. Tolkien, varies between 60 and 120 cm. Don’t worry, though, if you’re taller than that, we’ll be happy to welcome you to our incredible home. Located in the Dordogne, this atypical airbnb in France can accommodate up to five members of the Shire. It’s a semi-buried house built from eco-friendly wood. It includes modern artifacts: a spa, reversible air-conditioning, a walk-in shower and numerous comfort features. Set on the edge of the forest, this cozy nest is reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings. Among other things, it features a spectacular round door that you’ll have to step over to take possession of your Hobbit home.

It opens onto a private 31 m² terrace overlooking sumptuous landscaped grounds. Here, you can enjoy your meals, meticulously prepared by your hosts. Foie gras, local wines and caviar will delight your taste buds for an exceptional dining experience. Finally, don’t hesitate to venture into Périgord’s Middle-earth to discover its treasures. For example, the castles of Beynac, Commarque and Castelnaud, or the shelter of La Ferrassie, are great ideas for outings. But don’t worry, the chances of encountering Orcs of Mordor are extremelyslim !

💙 We like: worthy of a film set and eco-responsible

Mayday, Mayday!

grotte des naufragés atypique lieu location en France

Photo credit: Airbnb

This selection of atypical Airbnb accommodations in France would have been incomplete without featuring Clos du Mouflon. This little haven of peace is nestled in the heart of Balagne, in north-west Corsica. Close to Calvi, this natural cavern overlooks the Mediterranean Sea… 700 meters below! Here, authenticity and rusticity are the order of the day: you’ll have a double bed, a solar-powered shower and a dry toilet. That’s all there is to it! Breathtaking views over the blue water, a terrace shaded by juniper trees and private access to the sea are the main assets of this exquisite little cave transformed into a charming accommodation. Here, you’ll enjoy the gentle sound of the waves and the invigorating air mingled with the vegetal scents of the Corsican maquis.

Two different paths – more or less steep and slippery, so good shoes recommended! – will take you to the water’s edge. Lovers of will enjoy observing the underwater life in the rocky crevices. On your return, you’ll enjoy a tasty packed lunch of typical Corsican dishes. Then, why not take a stroll along one of the signposted trails that criss-cross the Balagne, such as the Chemin des Douaniers. Or get lost in the hilltop villages of the hinterland, such as Pigna or Sant’Antonino? Whatever you decide, one thing’s for sure: l’Île de Beauté lives up to its name. Book Clos du Monflon

💙 We like: sea views, direct contact with the natural elements, Cro-Magnon-style immersion

How about it? Are you ready to take on the habits of a Cro-Magnon for a weekend, soar in a bubble above the water, enjoy natural rock excavations or live in a Hobbit burrow? Tell us which of these unusual accommodations appeals to you most!