4 castles to rent with friends in France


Make your vacation with friends a royal experience! We’ve unearthed 4 châteaux to rent with friends in France for an unforgettable stay in good company.

Going away as a group is also an opportunity to indulge in little luxuries that are out of reach when you’re on your own or with a partner. So why not splurge a little and organize a group weekend at one of our 4 castles for rent in France?

Whether it’s for a birthday, a stag or hen party, or just a get-together, your vacations with friends deserve to be beautiful too! Forget old-fashioned gites and boring villas. Our beautiful country is full of charming buildings that welcome visitors with open arms.

Follow us as we take you on a tour of our favorite castles! For this selection, we’ve left no stone unturned. In addition to staying in a place steeped in history, you’ll enjoy an exceptional setting, top-notch decor and top-of-the-range facilities. Enough to make your weekend with friends a real fairytale…

A 360° experience in a Genoese tower in Corsica

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To kick off our selection of castles to rent in France, awaken your inner child by staying in a picturesque medieval tower! Built five centuries ago by the Genoese, this tower overlooking the sea served as a watchtower. It offers a 360° panoramic view; the good news is that today, you can enjoy it just for the fun of it!

Located halfway betweenAjaccio and Bonifacio, let your gaze wander over the deep blue sea and green hills of this beautiful Corsican region… The rooftop terrace is the perfect place for it.

Even though the interior of the tower has been tastefully renovated, most of the living is done outdoors. The potential for this is inexhaustible: cooking in the shade of olive trees, swimming in the pool designed as a natural setting, showering with a panoramic view over the roof… The owners are keen to offer their guests an extraordinary experience.

What’s more, they also offer a range of special services to make your stay a moment of pure relaxation. Shopping and meals, for example, can be taken care of, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself with friends!

💙 We love: a swimming pool, with a river-like feel, that further immerses you in this wilderness.

Family atmosphere and the sound of cicadas in a 10th-century château

châteaux à louer entre amis en France

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châteaux à louer entre amis en France

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Gather your tribe, pack your bags and hit the road, heading for Fitou in the Corbières mountains, halfway between Narbonne and Perpignan. Here we’ve found the ideal rental château for a vacation with friends! Conceived as a large family home, it offers everything you need, but with a touch of charm.

After all, its exceptional architecture is there to remind you that you’re in a thousand-year-old château. Renovated with care and respect, it is now as welcoming as it is steeped in history.

The sea as far as the eye can see, Mediterranean vegetation, vineyards, old stones and the song of the cicadas… In this cosy residence, the spirit of the Provencal mas is never far away. The various terraces look as if they’ve been specially built to welcome the laughter of your dinners with friends. And what’s more, they all offer superb views! Here, as in the song, it’s like the South, time lasts a long time…

💙 We like: chateau close to the sea, wine cellars and outdoor activities, plenty to keep you happy.

A medieval experience with a taste of luxury

Louer chateau en france

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Louer chateau en france

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What better way to spend a weekend with friends than in a historic monument in France? Located in the pretty medieval village of the same name, the Château d’Aragon was built in the 12th century. The gargoyles that stand watch are there to testify!

One look is all it takes to convince you that this is an exceptional place. Set up a large, cheerful table at the foot of the medieval walls and you’ll get the full measure of the place. As for the swimming pool, it’s a little paradise of old stones that lights up at nightfall, for an even more magical atmosphere.

Carefully renovated, the château has everything you need to host your weekend getaways with friends in the utmost comfort. With a perfect blend of conviviality and intimacy, you’ve got the recipe for a headache-free vacation! And you’ll have all the energy you need to explore the region’s many nuggets.

💙 We love: the stone pool that offers a real trip back in time, at any time of day.

A charming alliance of history and design

châteaux à louer entre amis en France

Photo credit: Airbnb

châteaux à louer entre amis en France

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Let’s round off this selection of châteaux for rent in France with a rare gem just 40 minutes from Nîmes. A perfect marriage of heritage and contemporary design! The Saracen tower at Montaren is a beautiful old lady, almost a thousand years old. The château-fort, of which it was a part, has long since disappeared, but an elegant contemporary annex has recently taken its place.

You’ll love the blend of history and modernity that gives this exceptional estate its character. The owners have created a beautiful, uncluttered atmosphere by combining the chateau’s old stones with their design finds.

In this haven of peace for small groups, you’ll enjoy a tasteful and relaxing vacation with friends! A dip in the stone swimming pool, sunbathing on the rooftop terrace, a siesta in the shade of the arcades… There’s a little corner of paradise for everyone to relax in peace and quiet.

But our hosts also have plenty of ideas to entertain you around the estate. How about a ride in a 2CV on the back roads of the Uzès region?

💙 We love: the solarium terrace offering a breathtaking view over the village rooftops.

With this selection of châteaux to rent in France, you now have all the keys you need to offer your friends a vacation out of the ordinary. Your group photos will be the envy of many!