30 must-have accessories for air travel

Air travel is all too often synonymous with discomfort and boredom… That’s why Generation Voyage has put together a list of the best accessories for better air travel!

When you’re heading to the airport for a long-haul flight, it’s usually for (very) good reasons! The excitement is palpable, the journey begins even before you’re seated on the plane, you’re in a hurry and anxious at the same time… Then comes the moment of departure: the plane accelerates, and you’re glued to the back of your seat. For the first few minutes, a glance out of the window is enough to fill us with wonder, but then… nothing.

You look at your watch, calculating how much time you have left before you land, with the sole occupation of trying to find a position a little more comfortable than the previous one…

That’s why Generation Voyage is now offering you a whole list of accessories that will totally transform your air travel experience! Whether it’s for you, your family or your friends, don’t hesitate to make your seat-mates (and even the stewards/air hostesses) jealous!

Reading lamp Clothes peg
Lampe de lecture Pince à linge
Because it saves us from the thunderbolts of our seat-mates!Because its soft light takes care of your eyesFor its utility/price ratio
Un casque audio
Because it won’t make your ears as sore as the headphones.Because sound quality is much better with headphonesFor style
A Kindle e-reader
Une liseuse Kindle
Because e-books = hundreds of books available
A tablet you can take anywhere
Une tablette à emporter partout
Because you can use it to watch a movie or check your e-mail.To play Angry Bird
A mini game console (PSP, Nintendo Switch…)
Une mini-console de jeu (PSP, Nintendo Switch...)
So you can play Mario Kart anywhere in the worldSo you can play Animal Crossing anywhere in the worldSo you can play Zelda anywhere in the world
A USB key to transport your scanned documents
Un clé USB pour transporter vos documents numérisés
Because it will save your life if you lose your passportTo avoid being turned away at Vietnam airport if you’ve lost your visa
Because turbulence can be a source of stressNo more tearing off the armrests during takeoffBecause taking a Xanax every time you take off isn’t good for your health.
An adapter for aircraft headphones
Un adaptateur pour les écouteurs de l'avion
Because airplane headphones destroy your earsBecause you can plug in headphones and watch movies with better audio quality
An electronic luggage scale
Un pèse-bagage électronique
To avoid unpleasant surprises at the airportIt’s a multifunctional toolPerfect for Secret Santa
A multi-pocket travel bag
Un sac de voyage multipoches
Learn to be organized at lastTo avoid the risk of something spilling on your passport
A portable external battery
Une batterie externe portable
Because it charges faster than the plane’s USB portTo allow you to charge several devices at the same timeBecause you won’t have to fight for a hold in the airport
A bag to carry your pet
Un sac pour transporter votre animal de compagnie
Because you can’t part with your beloved little dogBecause no one should ever take their pet with them in the luggage compartment.
A kit of travel bottles
Un kit de flacons de voyage
Because we’re fed up with having to dispose of our creams in the airport garbage cans!Because they’re easy to wash and reuse!
Compression stockings
Des bas de contention
Put an end to leg pain on planesBecause it’s not sexy, but so comfortable
Washable make-up remover wipes
Des lingettes démaquillantes lavables
Because they’re (much) gentler than conventional wipes! Because they’re economical and environmentally friendly
Baby wipes
Des lingettes pour bébé
To freshen up before landing Because planes can be full of germsBecause they’re just as useful for adults as they are for babies
Air travel kit
Le kit de voyage en avion
For its completeness and practicalityBecause air travel doesn’t have to mean slacking off
A folding toothbrush
Une brosse à dent pliable
For the sake of the person waiting for us at the airport
A foldable changing mat
Un tapis à langer pliable
Because it’s compact and ultra-practicalBecause it can be slung over the shoulder
An anti-light mask
Un masque anti-lumière
Because the one on the plane is the most uncomfortable.
A hammock for airplane feet
Un hamac pour pieds en avion
Because you can stretch your legs without wandering the aisles of the planeBecause it’s easy to use and can be taken anywhereTo make your seat-mates jealous!
Deodorizing balls for shoes
Des balles désodorisantes pour chaussures
So you don’t smell like an airplane when you take off your shoesFor their utility/price ratioBecause your comfort ends where others’ begin
Frequency-filtering earplugs
Des bouchons d'oreilles filtre-fréquences
So you don’t have to listen to your seatmate snore the whole flight!Because they’re reusable (provided you wash your ears regularly…).
Ultra-comfy plaid
Un plaid ultra-confort
Because at 8,000 metres altitude, the temperature is not always pleasant.Because airplane blankets aren’t the most comfortable
A memory cushion
Un coussin mémoire de forme
Because it will prevent you from putting your head on the shoulder of your unknown neighbor.For the comfort it brings to your cervical spine
Bluetooth sleep mask
Le masque de sommeil bluetooth
Because falling asleep with headphones on is a horror!To fall asleep twice as fastFor its quality/price ratio
A baby airplane seat
Un siège d'avion pour bébé
Because your baby’s comfort is paramountSo it can stay as close to you as possible during the flight
An airplane bed for children
Un lit d'avion pour enfant
So your children can finally stop bothering everyone on the planeBecause we all dreamed of having this when we were kids
A book on meditation
Un livre sur la méditation
To learn how to stay calm if the baby in front of you won’t stop cryingBecause with several free hours ahead of you, it could be the right time to start meditating.For its unbeatable price
The great book of riddles
Le grand livre des énigmes
Because it’s always good to get your brain working on vacationBecause this puzzle book is ultra-completeTo make the most of flight time
A leather-covered writing pad
Un carnet d'écriture avec couverture cuir
To set your pen freeBecause you may be the new Balzac