24 signs that you’re completely addicted to travel

24 truths you can’t deny if you love to travel

We can’t do without travel. They inspire us, make us think about other things and even make us think, they make us explore the world (the real one), discover other cultures, meet new people… How can we do without travel? That’s the question we’re asking here! If the 24 sentences below seem normal to you, then you’re addicted to travel!

1. You’re constantly dreaming about your next trip

2. Travel makes you happier than anything else

3. You ask for plane tickets as gifts at Christmas or on your birthday

4. You spend hours browsing Toolito and other travel sites

5. If you don’t travel regularly, you won’t sleep well

6. You have several foreign currencies at home

7. You can’t imagine staying in the same city all your life

8. In fact, staying in the same city for a year without traveling is unthinkable for you

9. You don’t mind « living out of your suitcase ». In fact, you prefer it

10. Thanks to this, you’ve become an expert at making your own bag.

11. You’ve never really unpacked, you’re always ready for the next trip

12. You can sleep almost anywhere

13. Nothing makes you happier than setting off on a new adventure

14. You’re even planning your next trip… on a trip

15. You always stress about not having time to see everything

16. Your money helps you : 1) stay alive. 2) travel

17. Your bucket list is 99% travel

18. Your bedroom is wallpapered with a world map

19. For you, it’s impossible to get lost

20. You don’t get too attached to people, because you know you’ll be on the move.

21. Every moment of your life is an adventure

22. The only thing you watch on TV are travel documentaries.

23. Your home is where you want it to be

24. Deep down, you know your wanderlust will never cease

And with all that, we’ve got nothing to reproach you for! Read also: Travel Addict Index

Source : Intragram