24 ideas for weekend or travel gifts

Why not give the gift of a weekend or a trip rather than a material good? There’s nothing like a trip away from home!

Looking for a gift idea for a loved one? If your loved one is a travel enthusiast, you could give them a travel accessory or a travel book. But when you think about it, wouldn’t the best gift you could give a travel fan simply be a trip?

No one really wants a fancy passport holder or yet another leather luggage tag. A traveler needs to get away from it all. A weekend abroad is the best gift there is, and it’s even better because you can share the gift with him or her too. And, let’s face it, it’s much nicer to spend an evening on the couch looking for weekend ideas than spending hours on Amazon comparing products of dubious quality…

The only problem with giving someone a weekend is that there’s nothing concrete to open on Christmas Day, their birthday or the chosen event. You can always announce it with a card, or by giving them something that refers to the weekend.

From travel boxes to unusual overnight stays, themed weekends or outright plane tickets, here are our ideas for travel gifts:

A night in an unusual accommodation
Une nuit dans un logement insolite
Huts in the trees or on the water, yurts, hanging tents… There’s something for everyoneFor a change from Parisian hotel rooms
A micro-adventure in the heart of nature
Une micro-aventure en pleine nature
Reconnecting to the essentials, summer and winter alikeTravelling with respect for natureAccessible for all levels
A weekend by the sea
Un weekend à la mer
What could be better than breathing in the sea air to recharge your batteries?To feel the sand beneath your feetTo make your own shell necklace
A weekend in the mountains
Un weekend à la montagne
What better way to recharge your batteries than in the invigorating mountain air?To enjoy the beautiful hikes that the French mountains have to offer
A relaxing weekend in nature
Un weekend décompression dans la nature
A break from the hustle and bustle of the cityTo reconnect with natural energies
A weekend in Italy
Un weekend en Italie
For Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Genoa…Eat as much real pasta as you like To lose yourself in the romantic little streets of Italy
A romantic weekend
Un weekend en amoureux
A weekend away from it allPerfect for rediscovering pleasures sometimes left to one sideThe perfect gift for any occasion
A day at Puy du Fou for 2
Une journée au Puy du Fou pour 2
Discover the history of the Middle AgesFor unforgettable showsBecause we love medieval costumes
A day at Europa-Park for 2
Une journée à Europa-Park pour 2
Because it’s the best amusement park in GermanyTest the latest attractionsA weekend near Strasbourg
A day at Parc Astérix for 2
Une journée au Parc Astérix pour 2
Because it’s the stuff of Zeus! To hope to drink the magic potionBecause Asterix is so badass
A day at Futuroscope for 2
Une journée au Futuroscope pour 2
Discover the world of new technologies Because not all attractions have to turn your head upside down
A day at Disneyland Paris for 2
Une journée à Disneyland Paris pour 2
For the magic of the siteTake home a Simba plush toyTo take a photo with Mickey
Tickets to a match
Des places pour voir un match
He’ll have a chance to spend a weekend in the city of his beloved clubHe can choose THE match not to be missedYou’ll be sure not to disappoint your inner fan!
A weekend on a sailboat
Un weekend sur un voilier
To get away from it allThe serenity of the seaThe unusual and unexpected
A golf-themed weekend
Un weekend sur le thème du golf
To perfect your swingCombining sport and relaxationA weekend away from it all
A plane ticket to travel anywhere, any time
Un billet d'avion pour voyager partout, sans date
Because it’s what we all dream ofBecause it’s valid for 2 yearsBecause it didn’t exist until now
An Interrail Pass to visit Europe by train
Un Pass Interrail pour visiter l'Europe en train
To learn to appreciate Europe for what it is worthBecause trains are environmentally friendlyFor unforgettable memories
An unusual night in a tree house
Une nuit insolite dans une cabane dans les arbres
To make a childhood dream come trueBecause it’s the promise of a romantic and adventurous night.
A night in a trailer
Une nuit dans une roulotte
A bohemian escapeBecause caravans are 100% eco-friendly accommodation
A night in a bubble
Une nuit dans une bulle
Because love shines under the starsTo immerse yourself in a bubble with your partnerWhat could be more romantic than a starry night
A night in a yurt
Une nuit dans une yourte
For the best possible experience of nature’s soothing energiesFor a 100% eco-friendly nightBecause it’s better than a night in yoghurt
A night in a cabin on the water
Une nuit dans une cabane sur l'eau
Wake up with your feet in the waterThe best way to discover France’s most beautiful lakes
A night under a dome
Une nuit sous un dôme
Share an unusual moment with your partnerBecause it perfectly combines modernity and natural charm
An unusual night in a Hot Igloo
Une nuit insolite en Hot Igloo
For an experience that will cut you off from the worldFor a magical night in an unusual location
A getaway in a van or camper
Une escapade en van ou camping-car
Rediscovering travelFreedom is included in the gift