20 beautiful photos of rainbows around the world

Arc-en-ciel, Nuages

Rainbows are meteorological phenomena that fill the sky with beautiful colors: from red to purple. After the rain comes the good weather…

A rainbow is an optical phenomenon that occurs whenever two elements come together: water suspended in the air, and a light source (usually the sun). Isaac Newton divided the rainbow into seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These are all the hues present in the spectrum of light.

To see the rainbow completely, you’d have to take to the skies. But even if you stay on Earth, you can still take magnificent photographs. After discovering the beautiful shapes that clouds can take, here are 20 photos of this phenomenon around the world, which colors the sky and brightens us up, often after bad weather.

Rainbows and waterfalls

Arc-en-ciel, Cascade

Photo credit: Pixabay – Unsplash

Arc-en-ciel, Eau turquoise

Photo credit: Diego Torres Silvestre

Rainbows and mountains

Arc-en-ciel, Montagne, Nuage

Photo credit: Flickr – Light Chaser

Rainbows and gray clouds

Arc-en-ciel, Montagnes, Couleurs

John Day Fossil Sites National Monument / Photo credit: Flickr – Giuliano Ambrosio

Arc-en-ciel, Plage

Photo credit: Flickr – Jim Champion

Arc-en-ciel, Coucher de soleil

In California / Photo credit: Harold Litwiler

Double rainbows

Arc-en-ciel, Champs

Photo credit: Flickr – Nicholas A. Tonelli

Arc-en-ciel, Nuages

Photo credit: Pixabay – Unsplash

Arc-en-ciel, Maison

Crédit photo: Pixabay – AlainAudet

Arc-en-ciel, Montagnes

Crédit photo: Flickr – Yellowstone National Park

Arc-en-ciel, Tombée de la nuit

Nightfall / Photo credit: Pixabay – werner22brigitte

Arc-en-ciel, Village

Photo credit: Flickr – Luis Marina

Rainbows and ocean

Arc-en-ciel, Mer, Bateau

Photo credit: Pixabay – Skeeze

Arc-en-ciel, Vagues

Photo credit: Pixabay – suzannerowcliffe0

Arc-en-ciel, Mer, Mouettes

Seagulls forming a heart with their wings / Photo credit: Flickr – Jean-Jacques Abalain

Rainbows on the horizon

Arc-en-ciel, Toundra

Photo credit: Flickr – Maxime Raynal

Arc-en-ciel, Route déserte

In Florida / Photo credit: Flickr – Michael Rael

Arc-en-ciel, Chemin

Photo credit: Flickr – John mcsporran

Spectacular rainbows

Arc-en-ciel, Horizon

Photo credit: Pixabay – tpsdave

Arc-en-ciel, Fleurs

Photo credit: Pixabay – tpsdave

So, what are your favourite rainbows?

Main photo credit: Flickr – Light Chaser

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