16 must-do things in Shizuoka

Visiter Shizuoka

Looking for nature and tranquillity just an hour from Tokyo? Head for the quiet hill and discover the 16 must-do things to do in Shizuoka.

Located on the Japanese island of Honshu, halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto, the city of Shizuoka is best known for its beautiful view of Mount Fuji and its world-renowned green tea production. With its 716,000 inhabitants, Shizuoka is also one of Japan’s major economic centers.

The birthplace of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder of the shogunal system, is now one of the must-see places in the Empire of the Rising Sun. Every year, Shizuoka attracts huge numbers of visitors, who come to enjoy its mountains, Pacific Ocean, rich cultural heritage and legendary serenity.

Lush nature, world-famous waterfalls, sumptuous temples and magnificent beaches – there’s no shortage of places to discover in Shizuoka.

Need help organizing your stay? Here’s a list of 16 must-see things to do in Shizuoka.

1. The temple and shrine of Kunōzan Tōshō-gū

Temple Kunōzan Tōshō-gū

Photo credit: Shutterstock / akarapong

Start your city tour with one of Shizuoka’s must-do visits: discovering the luxurious Kunōzan Tōshō-gū temple and shrine. Located in the Suruga-ku district, this is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in the country. Within the cemetery is the tomb of Tokugawa Ieyasu, which was his first burial place before being moved to Nikko Shrine.

Note that the Kunōzan Tōshō-gū shrine is now classified as an « Important Cultural Property » of Japan. You’ll also find a small museum housing over two thousand ancient weapons and documents of the Tokugawa generals. To get there, take the cable car and admire the spectacular Byobudani cliffs.

2. Local strawberries

Manger des fraises à Shizuoka

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Princess_Anmitsu

From the Kunōzan Tōshō-gū shrine, you can see the strawberry greenhouses, located along the coastal road (Route 150, also known as the Ichigo-kaigan-dôri road). For an hour, you can pick and taste one of Shizuoka’s specialties on the spot. If you’d like to take some home with you, drop into the plantation’s small store.

3. Sunpu Castle and Park

Château de Sunpu, Shizuoka

Photo Credit : Shutterstock / Shawn.ccf

Come and discover the remains of Sunpu Castle, built by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1585, with its moat and tower. In the park, you’ll find numerous cherry trees that, in early spring, turn the landscape a pale pink. A feast for the eyes and a sure-fire photo opportunity.

4. Shimizu fish market

For absolutely delicious sushi, head for Shimuzu market, a former port that has been part of Shizuoka municipality since 2003.

Less well known than Tokyo’s Tsukiji market, Shimuzu has nothing to envy it. Don’t hesitate to sample the specialties offered by the stalls, and feast on freshly caught tuna, sole or oysters.

5. Shiraito and Otodome Falls

Chutes de Shiraito

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Norimoto

During your stay in Shizuoka, take the time to admire the legendary Shiraito and Otodome waterfalls, a must-see in Shizuoka. Twenty and twenty-five meters high respectively, they are fed by the pure waters of Mount Fuji.

In summer, you can cool off in the translucent waters and enjoy the surrounding area, which is full of unspoilt spots.

6. Green tea fields

Champ de thé vert à Shizuoka

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Sakarin Sawasdinaka

If you’re a tea lover, or simply want to find out more about this beverage of many virtues, come and discover the tea plantations in the Shizuoka region. These hillside plantations produce over forty percent of Japan’s tea. Visit a plantation, taste a few cups of this delicious beverage in a tea house, and leave with a few tins of tea in your luggage. A gift that’s sure to please your loved ones!

7. Mount Fuji

Mont Fuji, Japon

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Sakarin Sawasdinaka

Who hasn’t heard of Mount Fuji? From the small, three-hundred-meter-high hills of Nihondaira, you’ll enjoy an ideal view of this emblem of Japan, in magnificent surroundings, classified as a National Natural Park.

8. Miho beach

Plage de Miho, Japon

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Natheepat Kiatpaphaphong

Wondering what to do with your family in Shizuoka? Why not head for the sumptuous Miho beach, located in Suruga Bay, for picnics and lounging. Bordered by pine trees, it stretches for six kilometers and offers incredible views of Mount Fuji.

A Unesco World Heritage site, Miho Beach and Sacred Mountain have inspired many Japanese artists, including the famous master Katsushika Hokusai.

9. Suruga Bay

Baie de Suruga

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Princess_Anmitsu

As you cross one of the world’s most beautiful bays, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Fuji and Miho Beach. You’ll embark at Shimizu harbor and disembark seventy minutes later at Nishi-Izu Toi harbor.

10. Toro archaeological site

Parc archéologique Toro, Japon

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Dan Goro

For lovers of art and history, Toro Archaeological Park is one of Shizuoka’s must-see attractions. Located in the Suruga-ku district, the site, discovered in 1943, dates back to the end of the Yayoi era, in the 1st century AD. You can also visit a lovely museum, featuring traditional stencil paintings by the famous Keisuke Serizawa.

11. Shizuoka Museum of Modern Art

Shizuoka Modern Art Museum

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Various images

Located in the city’s tallest tower, the Aoi Tower, the Museum of Modern Art was inaugurated in 2015 and features futuristic, relaxing architecture. From art dating back to the Edo period, to a Star Wars exhibition, to a Modigliani retrospective, the collections and exhibitions on offer are extremely varied and will delight all audiences.

12. Shizuoka’s Ecopa stadium

Stade Ecopa, Shizuoka

Photo Credit : Shutterstock / RYUSHI

Are you a sports fan? Head for the Ecopa stadium with its retractable roof, located in the center of the Ogasayam sports park on a hill in Shizuoka.

13. The station district

Quartier de la gare, Shizuoka

Photo credit: Shutterstock / 7maru

Around the station, you’ll find a wealth of restaurants, bars, cafés and stores of all kinds. Sengen Dori street in particular, with its tori, is a must-see. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, sample some local specialties and fill your suitcases with souvenirs.

14. Shizuhatayama Park

Sanctuaire Shizuoka Sengen

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Venus.1777

Is the weather nice and you’d like to take a stroll with your family or friends? Head for Shizuhatayama Park, located on a hill in Shizuoka. The view over the city is magnificent, and in spring you can enjoy the many cherry blossom trees and Shinto shrines, including the Shizuoka Sengen.

15. Mariko

Temple à Shizuoka

Photo Credit: Instagram – sychoaliz

If you still have a little time left, take the bus from Shizuoka station to the village of Mariko, just twenty-five minutes away. This village has preserved the peaceful atmosphere of the Edo period, and you can sample one of the region’s specialties, Tororo-jiru, a tasty yam soup. Don’t miss a visit to the Togeppo-Saiokuji temple, with its pretty traditional garden and bamboo groves, to step back in time to the Edo period.

16. Onsens

Hot springs, Shizuoka

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Manuel Ascanio

There are many onsens in and around Shizuoka. Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation in the warm waters of the hot springs. Some even offer sumptuous views of Mount Fuji and the surrounding forest. One of the must-do things to do in Shizuoka!

How to get to Shizuoka

The easiest way to get to Shizuoka is to fly to Tokyo.

Several airlines offer direct flights from Paris to Tokyo. You’ll reach the Japanese capital in around twelve hours. A round-trip economy ticket will set you back over €1,000. To get the best fares and avoid overbooking, book your tickets well in advance and compare prices on a flight comparator such as Ulysse.

Once in Tokyo, take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Shizuoka. This high-speed train, with its futuristic design, has a reputation for being extremely punctual.

Where to stay in Shizuoka?

As elsewhere in Japan, accommodation in Shizuoka is rather expensive. The station area is a convenient option, close to the city’s lively districts and transport links. Shimizu also offers many possibilities along Segura Bay and in Shizuoka’s second city center. You’re sure to find the right accommodation for you, at the best price, on this hotel comparator.

Delighted by your discovery of Shizuoka? Share your impressions and tips in the comments section!

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