15 must-see things to do in the Gers


Are you going to Occitanie? Between tradition and history, discover 15 extraordinary places to visit in the Gers!

At the heart of the ancient province of Gascony, the Gers is particularly marked by its exceptional terroir. A department renowned for its culinary specialties, thousands of visitors flock to the Gers. Indeed, it’s the birthplace of our emblematic foie-gras, an essential symbol of French gastronomy.

But it’s also the source of many typical dishes such as rillettes, confits and magrets. It is also home to the legendary Armagnac vineyards. Today, this traditional brandy is sold all over the world.

With its gastronomic heritage, the Gers is also characterized by its wild landscapes. The Gers is a prime farming area, with fabulous local traditions and customs.

But it also boasts a wealth of historical and architectural remains. A true symbol of our extraordinary culture, it promises you a most astonishing stay in the South-West. Still not convinced? Let’s discover 15 unusual things to do in the Gers!

1. The Gallo-Roman villa at Seviac

Villa gallo-romaine Seviac

Photo credit: Flickr – Archaeology Travel

Discovered in the 19th century, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the villa was fully excavated. A vestige of the Roman conquests in Gaul, the site is thought to date from the 1st century AD. Although its structure has suffered the ravages of time, it fortunately retains many witnesses to its era.

With its mosaics, thermal baths and hypocaust, the villa is an archaeological treasure to be visited in the Gers. Listed as one of France’s Historic Monuments, it’s sure to please young and old alike!

2. Flaran Abbey

Abbaye Flaran

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alain Lauga

While the department is renowned for its gastronomy, there are plenty of things to do in the Gers. And discovering its magnificent historical remains is a great way to explore the region. In Valence-sur-Baïse, for example, you can visit the splendid Flaran Abbey.

An ancient medieval building, it is one of the best preserved in south-west France. In fact, it retains all of its buildings and gardens. Although it was built in the 12th century, it still retains its exceptional Cistercian architecture.

3. Lavardens


Photo credit: Shutterstock – rustamank

North-west of Auch, the town of Lavardens is a must-see in the Gers. This small commune of just under four hundred inhabitants boasts some fabulous monuments. Since 2011, it has also been considered one of France’s most beautiful villages. When you arrive, you’ll discover a magnificent 15th-century church with an atypical bell tower.

After admiring its astonishing structure, you can head for the Renaissance château. Since the 17th century, this fortress has towered over the town with its imposing architecture. As you explore, you’ll learn more about the region and its amazing history!

4. Musée Archéologique le Trésor d’Eauze

Musée archéologique d'Eauze

Photo credit: Wikipedia – MOSSOT

As you can see, there are many historic sites to visit in the Gers. As a result of local discoveries, the department is home to a museum of archaeology. The museum is located in Eauze, an ancient Gallo-Roman town called Elusa.

The site boasts numerous relics of the era that marked the region’s history. There’s no doubt that this visit is sure to appeal to culture buffs!

5. Coursiana Gardens

Jardins de Coursiana

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Paul Zarucki

After a few historic visits, it’s time to get some fresh air. Fortunately, there are plenty of outdoor activities available in the Gers. One of them is to discover the famous Jardins de Coursiana.

These are located in the village of La Romieu, a few kilometers from Condom. It’s a splendid six-hectare park with a botanical garden and arboretum. Step by step, you’ll be invited to relax in this little haven of plant peace.

6. Lake Uby

Lac d'Uby

Photo credit: Shutterstock – MilaCroft

Between Cazaubon and Barbotan-Les-Thermes, Lac de l’Uby is a fabulous natural site. It’s open to the public all summer long, and offers many activities to do in the Gers. You can swim in its peaceful waters, or go fishing.

In fact, it’s full of great catches for water sports enthusiasts. In high season, you can even try your hand at some water sports. From paddling to pedal-boating to rowing, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

7. Lectoure Cathedral

Cathédrale Lectoure

Photo credit: Shutterstock – René Hourdry

Lectoure Cathedral, the main religious building in the town of Lectoure, is a must-see monument in the Gers. Dating back to the 12th century, it has been particularly well preserved over the ages. Even today, its Gothic architecture makes it a true historical gem.

As you explore, you can also learn more about the region’s religious wars.

8. Lake Bousquètara

visiter Gers - lac de Bousquètara

Photo credit: Instagram – Thomas Vernet

If you’re wondering what to do in the Gers during the summer season, you might want to take a refreshing dip in a lake. Indeed, the department abounds in pleasant watering holes that invite you to take a dip. Of course, leisure enthusiasts can also indulge in a wide range of water sports, such as fishing.

At Lac de Bousquètara, you can take time to relax on the shores and soak up the sun. There’s no better way to get away from it all!

9. The Sarthou palm grove

visiter Gers - Palmeraie du Sarthou

Photo credit: Facebook – Palmeraie du Sarthou

The Sarthou palm grove is one of the outstanding gardens to visit in the Gers. This exotic park extends over almost eight hectares, and features many extraordinary species.

Here, you’ll be able to admire plants from all over the world. But you can also take advantage of their many exhibits and the heritage farm.

10. Château Garreau

visiter Gers - Château Garreau

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Jacky D

Gascony is a region with a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage. As we said, it’s the cradle of many French culinary traditions. But it’s also the birthplace of one of France’s oldest brandies: Armagnac.

The winegrowers who produce it are therefore a must-see in the Gers. At Château Garreau, you can discover over three hundred years of the history of this very special spirit. From terroir to tasting, we bet you’ll love this place with its unusual past!

11. Parc aux Rapaces

visiter Gers - Parc aux rapaces

Photo credit: Facebook – Le Parc aux rapaces – Fauconnerie Marche

Birdwatchers are sure to love this activity in the Gers. Spanning almost five hectares, this park takes you on a journey of discovery of the world’s most beautiful birds of prey. During your visit, you can even watch amazing falconry shows and performances.

You can, for example, admire an extraordinary ballet of owls from the four corners of the globe. But you can also take advantage of the opportunity to meet amazing species such as vultures and bald eagles. A breathtaking visit for young and old alike!

12. Green in the air

visiter Gers - Le Vert en l'Air

Photo credit: Facebook – Auch, the surprise of the South-West

Thrill-seekers can take advantage of a visit to the Gers to put themselves to the test. At Le Vert en L’air, they can test their mettle in over eighty-five tree-climbing workshops.

Just a few metres above the ground, they’ll be able to swing and test their mettle! What’s more, the most daring can take to the park’s giant zip line. Over one hundred and sixty meters, they’ll fly over this exceptional site!

13. Château de Malliac

visiter Gers - Chateau de Maillac

Photo credit: Facebook – Château De Malliac

Château de Malliac is an emblematic monument to visit in the Gers. It was established in the 12th century, south of the Dordogne, and has dominated the landscape ever since. Over the years, its medieval fortifications have given way to splendid modern restorations.

Today, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the region. It mainly hosts events and weddings, but also offers specialized stays. Over one or two nights, you’ll discover the history of this fortress.

14. Lac de Thoux Saint-Cricq

visiter Gers - Lac de Thoux St Cricq

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Alset alokin

Water sports at Lac de Thoux Saint-Cricq are a must in the Gers. All summer long, the site offers a wide range of activities for visitors. You can sunbathe on the shores of the lake or by the pool.

But you can also go pedal-boating or canoeing, if you like. Sports enthusiasts can even try their hand at paddling or sailing!

15. Larressingle

visiter Gers - Larresingle

Photo credit: Shutterstock – MilaCroft

Often referred to as a little Carcassonne, the village of Larressingle is a must-see in the Gers. For some years now, it has been listed as one of France’s most beautiful communes. Its medieval fortifications give it a unique setting.

Take a stroll through the cobbled streets and enjoy the special atmosphere. Between history and tradition, you’ll never be bored in Laressingle!

16. Also in the Gers

visiter Gers - Auch

Photo credit: Shutterstock – bjul

The Dordogne is a fascinating territory, marked by its atypical traditions and exceptional history. Visiting the Gers is always an enriching experience for travelers. Of course, we’ve already mentioned some of the more unusual things to do in the Gers, but there’s much more.

In particular, you can visit the beautiful towns of Auch and Mirande. These are home to numerous museums and monuments. Likewise, adventure enthusiasts can explore the region’s fabulous caves and underground rivers. Between nature and culture, your trip promises to be unforgettable!

How to get to the Gers

By plane

To get to the Gers by plane, you’ll need to land in Toulouse, and then reach your destination by bus, train or car. We recommend using a flight comparison service like Skyscanner. It will help you find the best, cheapest flight for your stay. Unfortunately, there are no commercial airports in the département.

By car

There’s no better way to visit the Gers than by car! From the north of France, you can reach the prefecture, Auch, via theA62 orA20 motorways. Then simply follow the N21 or N524 to your destination. From the west or south of France, take theA68 orA61.

Where to stay in the Gers

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of things to do in the Gers. However, most of them are spread out over the territory. So we recommend that you find accommodation in one of the main towns.

So you’ll be centrally located for all the tourist attractions. Use a hotel comparator to find a room for your stay in Auch or Mirande. During the summer months, rates vary from €30 to €100 per night. Then all you have to do is choose what you’d like to visit in the Gers!

However, the Gers is an area particularly strong in local traditions and specialities. For this reason, you could opt for a stay in the countryside to get to know the region better. In a gîte or self-catering accommodation, you’ll be able to live at the heart of Gers customs. If you’re looking for such accommodation, we recommend sites like Airbnb.

It’s easy to find the perfect apartment or house for your vacation. Some destinations also offer charming gîtes or villas. And since these rentals are perfectly equipped and comfortable, all you have to do is put down your suitcases and enjoy. Close to nature, we bet you’ll have no trouble getting away from it all! To find the solution that suits you best, don’t hesitate to use a hotel comparator.

Now that you know what to do in the Gers, pack your bags and head off on an adventure!

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