13 must-do things on Sifnos

Sifnos, Grèce

When you’re in Greece, visit Sifnos and find out what you can’t miss on this little-known Greek island!

Sifnos is a Greek island in the south-western Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea, not far from Serifos, Milos and Antiparos, just a few hours by boat from the mainland. Particularly verdant and tranquil, this island still resists the influx of Greek and foreign tourists. Sifnos is a peaceful island with lively villages, poetic landscapes between sea and mountains, and countless churches. Full of contrasts, Sifnos is an authentic island that won’t leave you indifferent. So what are you waiting for to visit Sifnos?

What to do in Sifnos Not sure where to start? Don’t panic, we’ve put together this mini-guide to make your life easier. Just follow the guide!

1. Kastro


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The best way to visit Sifnos is to start at one of the island’s historic jewels. The former capital of Sifnos, Kastro is a 14th-century Venetian citadel. This village is probably one of the most beautiful on Sifnos.

Lose yourself in the narrow streets and don’t miss the remains of the ancient acropolis and the town’s small archaeological museum.

2. Agios Georgios monastery

sifnos monastère

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The small monastery of Agios Georgios is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of an Aegean sunset. Just take a ten-minute walk from the port of Cheronisos to the monastery. Then follow a small path to the tip of the island.

To visit Sifnos is to discover magnificent, unsuspected places. Pure wonder!

3. Hiking

visiter sifnos rando

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The nature of this island jewel is worth taking the time to contemplate. What to do on Sifnos What could be better than hiking? There’s no shortage of walks on this island where life is good. Sifnos boasts one of the world’s richest networks of hiking trails, with some 100 km of marked paths. There’s something for every taste and age! It would be a shame not to take advantage of them.

Lovers of history and culture can combine sport and sightseeing by choosing trails that pass through charming little villages or lead to lovely churches. What could be better than to visit Sifnos and learn something new at the same time?

4. The churches

visiter sifnos

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A visit to Sifnos without seeing the citadel of Agios Andreas and enjoying a unique panoramic view would be a mistake!

Discover the Monastery of the Golden Spring of the Virgin Mary at Panagia Chryssopigi. Walk from Kastro to the Poulati monastery. Visit Panagia Vouno, the Virgin of the Mountain, which opens its doors only in the morning. Sifnos boasts over two hundred churches. You shouldn’t be bored!

5. Walk to Agio Simeon or Profiti Elias

visiter sifnos faire voir

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There’s much more to Sifnos than its architecture and churches. Among the island’s most popular walks, there’s no doubt the one to the top of Agio Simeon and the one to Profiti Elias.

  • The first offers a superb view of Kamares harbour.
  • The second leads to the summit of Profiti Elias, which towers 620 m above the surrounding islands.

6. Apollonia and the ancient district of Artemonas


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Apollonia is now the capital of Sifnos. It is made up of five hamlets, which have grown together over the years.

Here you’ll find all the hallmarks of Cycladic architecture: meandering alleys, flower-filled courtyards, whitewashed square houses, white churches with blue domes and more. The ancient part of Apollonia is called Artemonas.

7. Acropolis of Agios Andreas

acropole d'Agios Andrea

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What to do on Sifnos? Step back in time! For the modest sum of €2, a visit to the acropolis of Agios Andreas combines nature and culture in a single activity.

Use your imagination and try to visualize the citadel that existed on this mountain in Mycenaean times. If you can’t, the archaeological museum will help you!

After this leap into history, don’t forget to enjoy the view!

8. The beaches

Plage d'Herronissos sur l'île de Sifnos, Grèce

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Whether you prefer sandy beaches or deep-water cliff jumping, you’ll find what you’re looking for on this Cycladic island.

Clean, unspoilt and calm, the beaches of Sifnos will delight you. Here are the main ones:

  • The beach of Vathy Bay
  • Plathy Ghialos
  • Faros’s
  • Kastro beach
  • Cheronisos beach

What to do on Sifnos? Relax and unwind!

9. A boat trip


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So you’ve seen all the best beaches on Sifnos, and you’re looking for a new adventure? Don’t worry, there’s another must-do on Sifnos: a boat trip! Enjoy the calm and serenity of this sublime Greek coastline.

When you charter a boat on Sifnos, you’ll also have the chance to discover secluded bathing spots unknown to tourists, or to set off to explore the typical villages all around the island.

Find a boat to rent in Sifnos

10. Typical villages

Chersonissos visiter sifnos

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What would the Cyclades be without their charming villages? Sifnos is no exception. If you’d like to discover Greece’s architectural and cultural heritage, linger in one of these inspiring little villages, such as Faros, Chersonissos, Exabela or Kato Peteli.

Take a seat at one of the tables in these small cafés where time seems to stand still. Whether you choose peaceful or lively hamlets, fishing villages or mountain towns, you’ll find it hard to leave this unique atmosphere behind. Visiting Sifnos also means taking the time to pause and admire the landscape, enjoying the moment.

11. The party

visiter sifnos nuit

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Visiting Sifnos means discovering the life of its inhabitants, and in particular their festive life. Do you enjoy the peace and quiet, but are not averse to the nightlife?

Rest assured, Sifnos is also a dynamic island. You won’t have the same evenings as on Mikonos, but you won’t be disappointed! Bars, restaurants and discos are open during the high season.

You may also have the opportunity to attend a religious celebration, which is always an occasion for the locals to get together and celebrate! When you consider that there are over 230 parishes on Sifnos, it’s easy to see why boredom is rare on this Aegean island.

Good food to share, music, song and dance: all the ingredients for festive evenings and days.

12. Local gastronomy

dégustation sifnos

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Have you run out of things to do on Sifnos? There’s always food! The gastronomic reputation of the archipelago in general, and of Sifnos in particular, is well established. From modern establishments to traditional tavernas, from fresh seafood dishes to simple pizzerias, you’re sure to find the food and style to suit you.

  • Try a fish tavern in Faros, try a revithada in Kastro.
  • Have you ever heard of mastelo? If you’re a fan of lamb in cooked wine, this dish should delight your taste buds!
  • Sifnos cheeses also have an excellent reputation.

13. Sifnos ceramics

céramiques de Sifnos

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What would a vacation be without shopping?

Like any self-respecting Greek island, Sifnos is the ideal place to treat yourself to ceramics. Specialties of the island, you should have no trouble finding them in Apollonia or Kamarès. If you’re more into textiles, there’s no shortage of opportunities to satisfy your souvenir cravings!

How to get to Sifnos

From Paris to Athens

If you want to visit Sifnos and take advantage of these must-do activities, you’ll first need to fly to Athens from France. There are many direct flights from Paris. To get the best rates, you can compare ticket prices on flight comparators such as Ulysse.

From Athens airport to the port of Piraeus

Once in Athens, there are three options for getting to the port of Piraeus:

  • Cabs: fast and convenient. Expect to pay around €60;
  • bus: cheaper, but longer. Allow about an hour for a fare of €5;
  • the metro: the longest, but perhaps more comfortable than the bus. It costs €10 and takes about 1 h 30.

From Piraeus to Sifnos by ferry

There are many connections between Sifnos and the mainland:

  • Ferry from Piraeus(5h), but also from Milos, Serifos and Kythnos : daily connections.
  • Hydrospeed(2h) from Piraeus, Kythnos, Serifos and Milos: daily connections.

View ferries between Athens and Sifnos

Getting around Sifnos

To visit Sifnos, it’s hard to rely solely on the strength of your legs! While the bus network is particularly well-developed, it’s sometimes more practical – but more expensive – to rent a car or scooter.

To access certain beaches, however, you’ll need a boat.

Where to stay on Sifnos?

Although Sifnos is a peaceful island untouched by tourism, it is still possible to find accommodation.

There are many bed and breakfasts. When you arrive from the ferry, some managers will come to welcome you and offer their services. If you’re coming to Sifnos in high season, however, it’s best to book in advance.

  • You can find accommodation in Kamari, Agia Marina and Apollonia, for those looking for entertainment.
  • If you’re looking for peace and quiet, Vathi or Faros are more secluded, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails.

Whatever your choice of destination, you can search for the best value on a hotel comparator. What’s more, there are plenty of charming, typical Airbnb accommodations on the island. Or check out our selection of the best hotels and Airbnb in Sifnos to help you make the right choice!

Now you know how to visit Sifnos!

Map of hotels and accommodation – Cyclades