11 must-do things to do in Kassos

Visiter Kassos

Want to know how to visit Kassos? Discover this Greek island in a different light by following our tips!

Located in the Greek archipelago of the Dodecanese, some 40 kilometers northeast of Crete in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the island of Kassos has a population of around 1,000. When you visit Kassos, you can enjoy the beauty of Aegean beaches, the old-fashioned charm of picturesque villages, the elegance of its historical heritage and the character of its natural surroundings. Only a few hours by plane or boat from France, the island of Kassos offers a real change of scenery.

What to do in Kassos Whether you’re looking for tranquillity or entertainment, relaxation or sports, nature or culture, Kassos has something to suit every taste. Whatever your travel plans, you’ll be seduced by the authenticity of the area, still untouched by mass tourism.

So get on board for the 11 must-do things to do in Kassos!

1. Visit the villages of Kassos

A visit to Kassos means discovering its small, authentic villages. In addition to Fry, there are four villages worth visiting: Agia Marina with its small churches, Emporios with its church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Panagia with its religious complex of Byzantine architecture, and Poli with the ruins of its Venetian kastro.

The monastery of St. Mema, not far from Poli, completes this cultural escapade.

2. Discover the island of Armathia and its fabulous beaches

L'île d'Armathia

Photo credit: Facebook – Karpathiaki

Wondering what to do in Kassos? Sail to Armathia! For a swim in crystal-clear waters, head for the island of Armathia. During the high season, boat connections are available. Enjoy the calm and scenic beauty of this uninhabited Aegean island. The islet of Makronisi is also well worth a visit.

3. A boat trip

Balade en bateau à Kassos

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Giovanni Rinaldi

Visiting Kassos also means taking advantage of its coastline. In fact, there are a number of attractive day trips or short excursions from the port of Fry, which can be made by boat and offer a different approach to the island.

It would be a shame not to rent a boat in Kassos! You can also rent a boat in Karpathos to discover the island of Kassos.

4. Walking around Fry

Fry, le Port à faire à Kassos

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Thirasia

Get out your sword, don your tricorn and visit Kassos, discovering the island’s ancient pirate lair! Fry is the main port of Kassos. It’s not far from the small fishing port of Bouka, with its pretty white and blue stone houses, dominated by the delightful little cathedral of Agios Spyridon.

If you head towards Agia Marina, you’ll find two windmills just a ten-minute walk from the port.

5. Venturing into caves

If the sun and heat become too much to bear in summer, come and cool off in one of the Kassos caves. Admire the stalactites of Selai, located south-west of the village of Agia Marina. Take a step back in time to imagine the daily life of the Neolithic populations who inhabited the Ellinokamara cave. Ellinokamara is also said to have been a place of worship for Mycenaean peoples.

6. Taste local specialities

Le mizithra

Photo credit: Flickr – Rebecca Siegel

A visit to Kassos is also an experience for the senses, and one that’s sure to please the palate! Despite its small size, the island boasts a number of culinary specialities:

  • pasta with sitaka, a goat cheese;
  • stuffed vine leaves ;
  • elaiki: a fairly soft cheese made from mizithra;
  • boustia: lamb intestines stuffed with rice and meat;
  • paspara: lamb stuffed with herbs and rice, etc.

7. Experience a festival in Kassos

At certain times of the year, Agia Marina is transformed to host religious or cultural festivals. This is the case on July 16 and 17, as well as on September 13 and 14.

Panagia also plays its part, becoming the setting for a major religious festival held on August 15.

8. Bathing in the Aegean

Le mer Egée près de Kassos

Photo credit: Shutterstock / Antlio

Kassos is not the destination of choice for swimming in paradise. It is not renowned for its beaches, which are few and rather narrow. Far from being the most famous in the Dodecanese archipelago, they are no match for those of Armathia.

Nevertheless, it’s still pleasant to relax in the turquoise waters that surround the island. To do so, put down your towel on one of the beaches around Ammouda, to the west of Kassos. Beaches to the north, such as Emboreios, are few and far between and often very busy in summer. However, you can continue your walk in search of secluded coves.

9. Relax on the terrace with a glass of ouzo!

That’s what vacations in Greece are all about! Remember to visit Kassos, but don’t forget to rest! Watch time go by as you sit on the terrace of a café in one of Kassos’ authentic little villages and order an ouzo. This typically Greek aperitif will give your day a whole new flavour!

10. Go hiking

Faire de la randonnée à Kassos

Photo credit: Facebook – Kostas Ellos

Covering an area of 66 km², Kassos is large enough for hiking enthusiasts to stretch their legs. Between the arid coastal ridges, the green central valley and the typical villages, you’ll discover contrasting landscapes. You can go from Fry to Panagia, via Poli. It’s also possible to make a two-hour loop from Fry, via Agios Georgios Vrissi and Agia Marina.

11. Visit the Fry archaeological museum

In high season, be sure to visit the village’s archaeological museum, open Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm. Here you’ll find collections of ancient artefacts, as well as more recent tools and artefacts.

Some of these objects come from the Ellinokamara cave.

How to get to Kassos

Now that you know what you need to do to visit Kassos, it’s time to think about the best way to get to the island. There are two options: by plane and/or by boat.

By plane

Kassos can only be reached from France by air, but you can’t expect a direct flight! Several options are available:

    <liFly from Paris to Athens, then from Athens to Karpathos, and from Karpathos to Kassos;

  • Fly from Paris to Rhodes, then from Rhodes to Karpathos, and finally fly to Kassos;
  • embark for Heraklion from Paris, then go via Rhodes, Karpathos and finally Kassos
  • .

In any case, visiting Kassos comes at a price – the price of your patience! Count on at least three stopovers before reaching your final destination. Paris-Athens flights are not always direct, and Paris-Rhodes and Paris-Heraklion flights never are.

By plane and boat

For a change of scenery, you can choose to set foot on the island of Kassos at the end of a journey between sea and sky. After reaching your first stopover by plane, continue your journey by boat. There are connections to Kassos from :

Want to save money on your plane tickets? Consider using a flight comparator like Ulysse.

By highspeed, you save 1h30 to 2h on the journey time by conventional boat.

How do you get around Kassos and the surrounding islands?

A visit to Kassos also means discovering the surrounding area. Although the island is fairly isolated, it’s not cut off from the world! It’s perfectly possible to reach other Greek islands, for a day trip or as a new stage in an itinerant tour. There are sea connections between Kassos and :

  • Other Dodecanese islands (Rhodes, Kalymnos, Kos, Leros, Patmos, Symi, Chalki, Diafani, Karpathos and Lipsi)
  • Piraeus,
  • Some Cycladic islands(Milos, Thera and Anafi),
  • Certain ports in Crete (Heraklion and Sitia).

See all ferries to Kassos

Where to stay in Kassos?

Before you ask yourself what to do in Kassos, it’s important that you take the time to look for a place to stay! The supply of accommodation on the island isn’t endless, but you should still find an Airbnb or hotel to your liking.

To do so, visit one of the island’s five main villages: Fry, Agia Marina, Poli, Arvanitohori and Panagia. Using a hotel comparator, for example, will help you find the best-value establishments.

Now you know what to do in Kassos!

Map of hotels and accommodation – Dodecanese