11 ideas for tours in Corsica

Circuits et autotours Corse : Les plus belles randonnées de la Haute-Corse

Discover the little secrets of the island of beauty, from north to south, with the best tours and self-guided tours in Corsica!

Carved like a jewel by the Mediterranean, Corsica lives up to its nickname of « Isle of Beauty ». Caressed by crystal-clear waters, topped by impressive mountains and dotted with pretty villages, it possesses a multi-faceted beauty that makes it a highly appreciated destination. With its heritage, culture and breathtaking landscapes, it knows how to play on its charms and highlight its authentic character.

Sunbathe on its magnificent coastline, take a quiet moment in the shelter of a secluded cove, enjoy the freshness of its rivers hidden in lush green settings and take the time to stroll through some picturesque hamlets. Whether you’re a nature lover, an idler, an inveterate gourmet or simply in search of adventure, you’ll always find a way to discover Corsica to suit your tastes.

To make the most of its riches, organized tours are an excellent option. You’ll plunge into the Mediterranean art of living without worrying about organization, but enjoying every last moment. Generation Voyage offers a selection of tours and self-guided tours in Corsica to suit all tastes.

1. the must-sees of Haute-Corse

Circuits et autotours Corse : Les incontournables de la Haute-Corse
  • Tour duration: 7 days, 6 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: April to October
  • 👍 Tour highlight: boat trip in the Calanques de Piana

You’re planning a trip to the island of beauty and you’ve got your eye on Haute-Corse? Book a week to discover the best the region has to offer. With its wild setting, idyllic beaches and dense forests, it has many surprises in store for you. Perfect for a breath of fresh air, this itinerary takes you from the famous Bastia to the Melu and Capitellu lakes, via the Calanques de Piana and the Agriates desert.

Contemplate its mountainous relief and breathtaking views, venture along its superb hiking trails, swim in its creeks or natural pools and embark on a boat for memorable moments. While you’re here, don’t forget to immerse yourself in its unique culture by letting yourself be guided through its charming villages, and visiting some of the relics and museums that will give you an insight into Corsican history.

2. must-sees in South Corsica

Les incontournables de la Corse du Sud
  • Tour duration: 8 days, 7 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: April to October
  • 👍 Tour highlights: several days of coastal paradise

Ideal for fans of sunbathing and endless dips in the warm, translucent sea, this Corsica self-guided tour promises to be a real eye-opener. With swimsuits on and sunglasses on, you’re off to the most incredible sites in southern Corsica. Wander the colorful streets of vibrant Ajaccio before lounging on one of its beaches, set sail for the Lavezzi Islands aboard a catamaran and marvel at the splendor of the Gulf of Valinco.

While the paradisiacal coasts and strolls along the lively marinas will seduce you, these eight days are also an opportunity to see a greener, more authentic side of Southern Corsica. Discover the architectural heritage of medieval Bonifacio, stroll through the fortified village of Sartène, climb to the heights to cool off in the natural pools of Bavella and admire the starry sky from the Ospédale forest. This destination will soon hold no secrets for you!

3. total discovery of the island of beauty

Circuits et autotours Corse : Découverte totale de l’île de beauté
  • Tour duration: 12 days, 11 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: April to October
  • 👍 Tour plus: boat trip in the Scandola reserve

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands, don’t choose between Haute-Corse and Corse du Sud and visit the whole of the Isle of Beauty. Here, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy the fine weather on its dreamy coasts, immerse yourself in the fabulous energy of its small villages or are a fan of dynamic activities, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for during these twelve days.

Thanks to a selection of hikes leading you to breathtaking panoramas, cultural visits, boat trips and numerous stops in enchanting locations, you’ll be able to unveil Corsica’s little secrets. Sip a Muscat AOP in Patrimonio, spread out your towels on the black pebble beach of Nonza, learn about island crafts and slip into the shoes of a VIP for a day on a Catamaran in the mouths of Bonifacio.

4. exceptional weekend in south Corsica

Week-end d’exception
  • Tour duration: 3 days, 2 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: April to October
  • 👍 Tour plus: exclusive mini-cruise to the Maddalena archipelago with brunch and champagne on board

If you’re looking for the best way to enjoy the island as a couple, this self-drive tour of Southern Corsica is exactly what you need. For a weekend, let yourself be enveloped in a suave and exclusive atmosphere that will leave you speechless. Marvel at the beauty of the Mediterranean maquis, stretch out on the warm sand and swim among the fish in a small, confidential cove in Porto-Vecchio.

Then embark on a mini-cruise on the Super Opera, one of the world’s largest RIBs. The program includes a swim in crystal-clear waters, stops at the Cerbicales islands and theSanta Maria archipelago, and a tasting of Sardinian specialties on theisland of Maddalena. Think you’ve already reached seventh heaven? Wait until you climb aboard the helicopter for an unparalleled panoramic view and a thrill of a lifetime.

5. Spa & Dolce Vita in Haute-Corse

Circuits et autotours Corse : Spa et Dolce Vita en Haute-Corse
  • Tour duration: 4 days, 3 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: May to October
  • 👍 Tour plus: catamaran excursion to the Agriates Desert with brunch and cocktail on board

For a few unforgettable days away, opt for a turnkey program in Haute-Corse. Here, your well-being takes center stage, whether you’re lounging by the pool or relaxing in the spa. Turn up the heat in the sauna, give your skin a new lease of life with a scrub and start thinking about the rest of your trip, which promises to be a real eye-opener.

Let us guide you through the western Cap Corse and its myriad treasures, enjoy extraordinary views and indulge in choice dishes in enchanting settings. If visiting Corsica on land is incredible, seeing it from the water is even more so. Set sail aboard a catamaran for the Agriates desert and its renowned beaches for moments of pure bliss. Finally, end your stay on a sweet note with a wine tasting at one of the region’s renowned wineries.

6. on the road to Corsican specialities

Sur la route des spécialités
  • Tour duration: 6 days, 5 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: April to October
  • 👍 Tour highlights: total immersion in Corsica through unusual activities and authentic accommodation

Sun, fine sand, turquoise seas and verdant mountains… Corsica is just that, but it’s also a land of flavors where local specialties are well worth discovering. With this Corsica self-guided tour, you and your taste buds can explore the island in a delicious way, meeting talented chefs and local artisans who will take you into their worlds.

Gourmets and gourmets be prepared, because between the various escapades in magnificent places such as the Agriates desert or the Calanques de Piana, you’ll be able to enjoy traditional meals – from charcuterie to cheeses, not forgetting citrus fruits – and several local wines. All in a convivial atmosphere.

7. the most beautiful hikes in Haute-Corse

Circuits et autotours Corse : Les plus belles randonnées de la Haute-Corse
  • Tour duration: 6 days, 5 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to visit: May, June and September
  • 👍 The tour’s plus points: a range of the most beautiful hikes to discover Corsica’s trails at your own pace.

Would you like to take in the sights and stay in shape at the same time? Then this Corsica self-guided tour is for you. Here, beauty comes at a price: hours of walking and effort. But don’t panic, it’s definitely worth the effort.

With routes ranging from easy to difficult, these hikes take you through some of the island’s most incredible sites. Hike along seashores, through remote villages and into the heart of mountains and valleys. Each time, you’ll find a natural wonder to reward your endurance.

8. 5 most beautiful paddle spots in South Corsica

Les 5 plus beaux spots de Paddle
  • Tour duration: 8 days, 7 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: May to September
  • 👍 The tour’s plus points: discover exceptional landscapes on a unique Stand-Up Paddle tour

We’ve told you, there are many ways to discover the island of beauty at your own pace and according to your desires. On land, in the air, but also at sea with fun activities. Are you keen on water sports? Climb aboard a stand-up paddle and paddle off exceptional beaches, over sparkling lagoons and to places a little more confidential.

Over the course of eight days, this tour will take you to some superb spots scattered across southern Corsica. Reach the Benedettu cove at Cala Rossa or the Rondinara bay, glide on the turquoise waters of the Piantarella lagoon and let yourself be led to the famous Bonifacio caves. Don’t forget your cameras to immortalize these dreamy moments!

9. kayak tour of Cap Corse

Circuits et autotours Corse : Le tour du Cap Corse en Kayak
  • Tour duration: 6 days, 5 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: May to September
  • 👍 The tour’s plus: discover another facet of Cap Corse by kayak

Still on the water, but this time it’s aboard a kayak that you’ll be able to get an idea of the jewels in the Isle of Beauty’s crown. With its wilderness and bewitching landscapes, you won’t be able to resist the call of the crystal-clear waters for long, whether you’re on a single-seater or a two-seater.

Thanks to a selection of generally easy routes, ranging from 2h30 to 5h00 of navigation, the Cap Corse will reveal all its mysteries… or almost. With your hair blowing in the wind and paddles in hand, vibrate to the rhythm of the waves and contemplate steep panoramas shaped by the force of the elements.

10. roadtrip with your motorcycle

Roadtrip‌ ‌avec votre ‌moto

Photo credit: corsicatours.com

  • Tour duration: 8 days, 7 nights
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: April to October
  • 👍 The tour’s added bonus: a greater sense of freedom

No, it’s not just Route 66 that will appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts. Get on your bike, strap on your helmet and ride the miles of mythical roads that make up this sublime tour of Corsica. With a thirst for freedom and a desire to create unique memories, explore the island and reach places far removed from mass tourism.

Drive along the coast, through the misty mountains, into the hinterland and stop off in magical spots. A sunset over the calanques of Piana, a breath of fresh air in the Scandola Nature Reserve, a snack in the shade of the olive trees or a dip in the Restonica gorges. We guarantee you’ll be delighted!

11. children’s island

Circuits et autotours Corse : L’île aux enfants

Photo credit: corsicatours.com

  • Tour duration: 7 to 14 days
  • ☀️ Best time to enjoy the tour: April to September
  • 👍 Tour plus: a wide range of activities on land and at sea

Who said tours in Corsica were only for adults? Younger visitors can also take advantage of the island’s wealth of activities, both on land and at sea. In the open air, and supervised by a number of professionals, they can learn while having fun, and be introduced to a variety of sports.

Balancing on a paddle, saddling a horse galloping along the water’s edge, meeting farm animals or equipped for canyoning or diving, they certainly won’t be twiddling their thumbs. Wouldn’t Corsica be even more beautiful through children’s eyes?