10 YouTube channels for learning Italian

Reading books isn’t the only way to learn Italian. Here’s a selection of the best YouTube channels for learning the language.

Learning Italian with the right intonation and pronunciation remains an important factor. A number of YouTube channels make videos available to the public, enabling anyone to learn Italian at their own pace. These videos are offered by Italians and Italian speakers. The tools are therefore highly relevant to effective learning. Would you like to learn Italian on your own? Then take advantage of our selection of the best YouTube channels.

Beginner level

1. Albo The Ministrel

This YouTube channel is all about fun. Albo posts videos with a fun, didactic tone. He proposes lessons to discover and learn Italian easily. His humor and the animations in the videos make learning much more fun. The topics covered are very concrete.

You’ll discover how to make yourself understood in the health sector, or simply to get an ice cream. Thanks to these practical videos, learning Italian just got a whole lot easier. Albo also speaks excellent French. He’s a great teacher, and his tips are relevant and interesting.

2. Learn Italian Free

Discover over 600 videos to help you learn Italian, including words, phrases and expressions. This YouTube channel is perfect for beginners. The videos are organized by theme. So everyone can choose the theme of their choice. For example, learn the phrases you need to know when flying, polite phrases, grammar and business vocabulary.

What’s more, the Learn Italian Free YouTube channel has its own special features, such as :

  • A range of videos for beginners
  • Fun lessons with session breakdowns including drawings, numbers…
  • French and Italian subtitles

3. ITALIamo

With its well-organized, numbered lessons, you’ll want to learn Italian. You’ll gradually get to grips with the language. If you start by introducing yourself, then learn how to be at ease in a bar, or how to construct beautiful sentences. The ITALIamo YouTube channel’s visuals make learning accessible to beginners. And even learning verbs seems fun, thanks to the well-thought-out visual aids.

4. Learn Italian with Dialogues

Learn Italian for free with this channel of well-constructed Italian lessons. From cultural notions of the country to pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, learning Italian this way is a complete alternative. Over 40 videos are available in different languages, including French. Numbered, these courses enable you to acquire numerous vocabulary words.

5. LearnItalian

To learn Italian, here’s the YouTube channel of Stéphanie, a Frenchwoman of Italian origin. Although only six videos are available, the lessons cover the basics. The channel is aimed at absolute beginners, with the first lesson devoted to the alphabet. This is followed by videos on pronunciation, presentation, exchanges, numbers… The lessons are not too fast, and the subtitles make learning easy. Stéphanie teaches Italian to Internet users as a good friend would. The lessons are very simple, but all the more effective for it.

6. Spagnolo e Italiano ESPONVDEO

You can learn Italian with this excellent YouTube channel. On the program: learning the basics, pronunciation and the main vocabulary words. The best video to watch: learn 250 words in 20 minutes. You’ll see how much easier it is to learn Italian thanks to these fun lessons. You’ll find many videos suitable for beginners, but also courses for intermediate and even advanced levels.

7. Learning phrases with Chris & Friends

And you want to learn Italian in your sleep? With the YouTube channel Learning Phrases with Chris & Friends, this idea is clearly no joke. The YouTube channel features a video dedicated to Italian. Thanks to its soft, relaxing music, you can relax while listening to this learning video.

You should then fall asleep, while your brain learns the main vocabulary words repeated in this way. If this solution works for you, learning Italian will be easier than ever.

Advanced level

8. LearnAmo

Looking for one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian? Graziana and Rocco will guide you through a dynamic learning experience. Although the videos are in Spanish, the tone and animations of the two companions make it easy to deepen your understanding of the language. French subtitles are also available.

From pronunciation to pitfalls to avoid, the channel gives you everything you need to learn Italian at your own pace. Discover the rules of grammar and Italian expressions. The fast pace of the videos makes it easy to immerse yourself in the language. Please note, however, that the videos already require a certain level of fluency.

9. Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia to improve your Italian or simply your grammar and vocabulary. The numerous videos will help you improve your comprehension and pronunciation. This online channel is perfect for those who want to improve and learn more about Italian. Tourist videos, with exchanges, are also available. These dialogues help you to immerse yourself perfectly in the country, while staying at home.

10. Impara l’Italiano con Italiano Automatico

This young man offers a humorous way to learn Italian. Quizzes and karaoke offer a different way of learning a foreign language.

More traditional courses are available in Italian, such as a simulated hotel room reservation. You can also learn how to reserve a table at a restaurant. You’ll have to sort through the many Italian videos, but they’re sure to keep you listening to Italian.

From now on, nothing can stop you from learning Italian. Buona lezione!