10 ways to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve

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10 original ideas for a different way to ring in the New Year.

« What are you doing for New Year’s? » It’s a question that starts raining down on conversations as early as November, if not much earlier. Don’t have an answer yet? Here’s what you’ll need to say flute to cotillions and lukewarm bubbly at the stroke of midnight this year, with ten atypical ideas for celebrating in an original way and spending a truly unforgettable evening:

1. Spend the evening at the Opéra, an opportunity to dress up and discover or rediscover the sumptuous ambience of an evening at the Opéra.

2. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Alsace’s Christmas markets, with a glass of mulled wine in hand, for a long weekend.

3. Bask in the sun and head for the Greek islands, the Canary Islands or Morocco, less than 3 hours’ flight from France, where the sun can be out to wish you a happy new year.

4. Fly to Prague and mingle with the Czech people on Old Town Square as they wait for the clock to strike midnight, with concerts, soup stalls, pretzels, hot chocolate and artists of all kinds.

5. Make yourself useful for the evening with an association such as the Red Cross or the Restos du Cœur (or any other association), which are overflowing that evening, a great way to start the year by giving of your time.

6. Get away from it all and head to Iceland, just three hours from Paris, to spend New Year’s Eve in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon, with a view of the glaciers and perhaps a few northern lights in the process.

7. Fancy a family New Year’s Eve? Why not think of the children and their happiness by spending an extraordinary day at Disneyland Paris or Parc Astérix, where you’ll be treated to fabulous fireworks, shows and an exceptional evening for the last day of the year with the enchantment of these theme parks.

8. Why not try a getaway for this festive evening? Book atypical accommodation– a cabin in the forest, a yurt, a boat – there’s no shortage of choices for a New Year’s Eve getaway for two or a group of friends in a hidden corner of paradise.

9. Be invited to the Emperor’s Ball in Vienna, in the courtyard of the Imperial Palace, as is the Viennese tradition. Many tour operators offer a three-day tour of Austria, including New Year’s Eve in cocktail dress, dancing the waltz in a mythical, grandiose palace!

10. Invite yourself to a party with strangers but potential future friends thanks to the On Va Sortir! website, where all kinds of madness are allowed: a fancy dress party in a castle, a giant raclette party or a campfire with grilled marshmallows… be daring!

Main photo credit: Wikimedia – Yann Caradec