10 unusual romantic weekends near Paris


Are you a couple looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of Paris? Try an unusual romantic weekend near Paris!

Ah, the City of Light… Its architecture, its grand boulevards, its quays of the Seine. Paris, where gray skies are never cruel for long, where it’s bright even in the dead of night, where it’s warm even in the dead of winter. Paris will always be Paris: the one some hate to love, the one others love to hate. But in the end, no one can remain insensible to its charms.

Yet the fascination it holds can be trying. Like the protagonists of an overly passionate love affair, its inhabitants can sometimes beg for a break. Take a step back, to find yourself again.

That’s why Generation Voyage now offers you 10 unusual romantic weekends close to Paris. By choosing to get away for a weekend, you can take your time away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

Get some fresh air and breathe in Paris. Because « to be Parisian is not to be born in Paris, it is to be reborn there.

1. An old mill in Troyes

Moulin Troyes

Photo credit: Weekendesk

Why go there?

– Relax in a windmill

– Visit a wine cellar

– Relax in the spa

This unusual weekend opens the doors to an old mill that doubles as a hotel near Troyes. It’s the ideal stay for a couple in search of rest and relaxation, while enjoying a pleasant setting and a variety of activities.

For your comfort, the hotel features a spa, including swimming pool and sauna, the perfect place to wake up or unwind in the late afternoon. The package also includes breakfast, dinner and champagne tasting. Last but not least, this unusual stay includes a visit to one of the region’s many wine cellars, a place that will delight the taste buds of budding oenologists.

If you’re looking for relaxation, don’t hesitate to book this romantic weekend near Paris.

2. A first flight

petit avion

Photo credit: Shutterstock – papi8888

Why go there?

– To feel like Robinson

– Get close to nature

– Take to the skies in a small plane

If you’re looking for an unusual stay near Paris that combines peace and sensations, then this is the offer for you. You’ll be able to combine an unforgettable activity with unusual accommodation!

You’ll have the chance to discover the Seine-et-Marne from the air, aboard a small plane! A potential 1/2-hour flight to admire the castles of Vaux-le-Vicomte or Fontainebleau, or Disneyland Paris.

Our favorite accommodation: a night in a cabin

You can stay in a real tree house! Although it lacks a real shower, it has a real bed and heating.

But it’s still such a special place! The hut is also close to the Marne river, a calm and relaxing place, ideal for clearing the mind.

It doesn’t get much more original than this unusual stay near Paris.

3. An igloo dome

bulle igloo - week-end insolite à Paris

Photo credit: Abracadaroom

Why go there?

– Sleep in an igloo

– Escape to nature

– Fly a helicopter

This offer is reminiscent of the previous one, combining an unusual night with a sensational activity. Here, the night is spent with your feet firmly on the ground, but in a no less original setting. You’ll fall into the arms of Morpheus in a small igloo with a breathtaking view of the stars! Don’t worry, though: this doesn’t come with the Inuit climate.

The igloo is located on a farm where the family welcomes you with open arms. They’ve even thought of installing a Jacuzzi for you!

Favourite activity: helicopter initiation

Last but not least, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without a chance to try your hand at microlight helicopter flying from the Étampes base. The program includes a 20-minute flight in the sky.

If you’re tempted by originality, why not try this unusual stay near Paris?

4. A spa hotel in Bagnoles de l’Orne

hotel spa normandie - week-end insolite à Paris

Photo credit: Weekendesk

Why go there?

– Enjoy a beautiful spa town

– Have fun at the casino

– Relax at the spa

With this offer, we return to a more classic romantic weekend. It is recommended for couples looking for a moment of relaxation in a beautiful hotel, where they can enjoy a spa and a fine dinner.

As Bagnoles de l’Orne is a spa town, you’ll also have the pleasure, if you wish, of visiting the casino, with a gambling ticket included in the offer. Here’s hoping luck is on your side!

The hotel itself is ideally located on the shores of the lake, which can be enjoyed in both summer and winter. It’s a pleasant place to stroll and a lively place to be. There are many good restaurants and cafés in the town. For people from the Paris region discovering Bagnoles de l’Orne, the town is reminiscent of Enghien-les-Bains, the only spa in the Île-de-France region.

5. An escape game in Étretat

Hotel le donjon Etretat

Photo credit: Facebook – Virginie-elle Photographie

Why go there?

– Stroll around Étretat

– Take part in an escape game

– Enjoy the hotel

With this offer, we’re back on the unusual stay side near Paris. Take off for a romantic weekend to Étretat in Normandy, and enjoy a magnificent stroll along one of France’s most beautiful cliffs.

Ideally located, facing the cliffs, the hotel is a former château, a blend of ancient and modern that we particularly love. There’s a heated outdoor swimming pool, relaxation breaks and even an arcade and table soccer! This stay wouldn’t live up to its reputation for originality without its original attraction, an escape game in the Cabinet des Curiosités!

Ready for an adventure? Don’t hesitate to book this unusual weekend near Paris!

6. Paris – Versailles by helicopter

Edgar Suites Auteuil - Le Marois

Photo credit: Booking

Why go there?

– Stay in a sublime apartment

– Stay in the capital

– Paris – Versailles by helicopter

The originality of this offer lies in its proximity and the unusual nature of the stay. The accommodation is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. For Parisians living in small apartments, it’s a great way to get away from it all for an unusual night.

The apartment itself is very attractive and appreciated by all travelers, both for its well-appointed interior and its quiet neighborhood.

Our favorite activity: helicopters

Once you’ve settled in, it’s time to head to the nearby Paris Heliport for this unusual weekend. For almost half an hour, you’ ll fly over the south of Paris and the Yvelines as far as Versailles!

The view is breathtaking, and you’ll appreciate Paris like you’ve never seen it before!

7. Champagne tasting in Reims

dégustation reims - week-end insolite à Paris

Photo credit: Weekendesk

Why go there?

– Enjoy a beautiful hotel

– Discover the royal city of Reims

– Visit the Mumm cellars

When we think of an unusual weekend near Paris, we quickly think of the riches offered by the Champagne region. Located less than 2 hours from the capital, Reims is the ideal place to combine business with pleasure.

First of all, you’re staying in a friendly hotel, not crazy but charming, with a foosball table to relax in. Then you slip on your shoes to discover downtown Reims and its magnificent cathedral. Since Charlemagne in 800, the vast majority of French kings have been crowned here.

It’s one of the most important monuments in French history! And Reims itself is a very pleasant place to spend a weekend.

And what would Reims be without its champagne? A visit to a champagne cellar is an essential part of any visit to Reims! And what could be better than one of the most famous? Mumm welcomes you, and you’ll have the opportunity to taste the favorite drink of special occasions, in moderation of course!

8. Cubic housing

logement champagne

Photo credit: Weekendesk

Why go there?

– Unusual accommodation under the stars

– Enjoy nature

– Visit the Mercier cellars

An unusual weekend can be marked by an unusual accommodation. With this offer, you’re guaranteed to spend a night in an amazing cube-shaped apartment with round windows! Despite its tiny size of 9m², this little studio is very well equipped with everything you need – a real feat!

Favourite activity: the cellars on the little train

A trip to the Champagne region would be complete without a visit to the cellars of the beverage of the same name. This unusual tour includes a visit to the Mercier cellars on a miniature train!

On the program: steps in the champagne-making process and tasting in moderation.

9. Discovery weekend with visit to the Château Royal de Blois

chateau de blois - week-end insolite à Paris

Photo credit: Weekendesk

Why go there?

– Well-located accommodation

– A natural stay

– Visit Blois castle

If you’re from Paris and want to stay in an urban environment, then this unusual weekend is for you. You’ll be staying in a quality hotel right in the center of Blois, which you can visit at your leisure.

The offer also includes two tickets to visit the famous Château Royal de Blois, one of the most famous sites of French royalty. History buffs are in for a treat!

10. Golf weekend at Château de l’Hermitage

Golf de l'hermitage - week-end insolite à Paris

Photo credit: Facebook – Golf de l’hermitage

Why go there?

– Stay in a château

– Try your hand at golf

– A quiet location

We round off our selection with an unusual weekend less than an hour from Paris. Located near Pontoise in the Val d’Oise, your accommodation is a château that has lost none of its old-world charm.

The special feature of this location is its 9-hole golf course. This means you can enjoy two days of golf, just in case the first is a failure! It’s also the perfect place to relax and unwind.

So which unusual romantic weekend near Paris do you prefer? The choice is yours!