10 unusual romantic weekends in Normandy


Recharge your batteries in green Normandy for an unusual couple’s weekend!

Situated between land and sea, at the crossroads of history, Normandy is an ideal destination for a couple’s weekend getaway. So, if you’re in need of a change of scenery, greenery and wide-open spaces, this is the place for you. What’s more, located just 1h15 by train and 2h by car, it’s easily accessible from the capital.

Pleasant in summer and winter alike, with its long white sandy beaches and lush green bocages, it’s also packed with activities for a romantic weekend away. So pack your bags, because we’re off to Normandy for an unusual weekend!

1. Sailing on a sailboat for an unusual holiday


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Evgeny Trezubov

Why go there?

? Breathe in the sea spray

? Let go of the immensity of the sea

?️ Discover the Channel Islands

Ship ahoy! You’ve always dreamed of going sailing, but dampness and solitude aren’t for you? So why not concoct an unusual romantic weekend where you’ll have both adventure and comfort?

For two days, you’ll sail on a Class’40 yacht, taking part in the maneuvers, hoisting the sails… Just like a real sailor. You’ll then stop off in Guernsey or Jersey to visit Victor Hugo’s house, and anchor in the waters off the island of Sark… and much, much more!

Favourite accommodation: house with sea view

Finally, in the evening, you’ll return to the port to enjoy a super house with a 360° sea view. The perfect way to round off a romantic weekend on the waves.

2. Gastronomic city trip in Caen


Photo credit: Shutterstock -AnnDcs

Why go there?

?️ Taste delicious Normandy specialities

? Admire the Pays d’Auge countryside

? Discover Caen on foot

Caen is a charming and adorable city. As the capital of the Calvados department, it’s the perfect place to organize an unusual weekend for lovers on the theme of Norman gastronomy! For two half-days, a private guide will pick you up on your doorstep and take you on a discovery of Normandy specialties.

First of all, cider. You’ll visit several estates, taste local products and buy bottles directly. Then there’s the cheese! After all, Normandy boasts no less than four raw-milk delights: Neufchâtel, Pont l’Evêque, Livarot and the famous Camembert.

Favourite accommodation: apartment in the historic center

Finally, in the evening, you can relax in a lovely apartment in the heart of Caen’s historic center. Ideal for trying out a restaurant or two… if you’re still hungry after this unusual stay!

3. Sleeping on a boat


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Mikael Broms

Why go there?

? Admire Mont Saint Michel from the sea

⛵ Sleep aboard a sailboat

?️ Farniente on white sandy beaches

Embark for two days on a sailboat bound for the island of Jersey for an unusual romantic weekend. Because nothing strengthens bonds more than sailing side by side and facing the elements together.

You’ll discover the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel from the sea, a view you’ve never seen before! With your crew, you’ll take part in the maneuvers and then sail to the island of Jersey, where you’ll spend an unusual night on board.

So if you want to spend an unusual weekend at sea, visit a botanical garden on an island and fall asleep lulled to sleep by the roll, don’t hesitate!

4. Unusual manor house and caving weekend


Photo credit: Airbnb

Why go there?

? Push your limits by exploring the depths

? Disconnect completely by experiencing total darkness

? Decompress in an Art Deco mansion

And don’t forget to turn on your headlamps, because we’re off to explore! This unusual weekend in Normandy is all about contrasts. It’s sure to give you and your other half a thrill!

First, you’ll descend nearly 600 meters underground to explore the Roche Percée cave and discover its tales and legends. Maybe you’ll find a treasure there – who knows? In any case, thrills and chills are guaranteed!

Our favorite unusual accommodation: an apartment in a manor house

And then, in the evening, to crown this unusual stay, you can relax in a magnificent Art Deco apartment located in a traditional Norman manor house. There, you’ll be able to recover from your emotions on the queen-size bed and whirlpool bath… For a perfect romantic weekend!

5. Like princes near Rouen


Photo credit: Weekendesk

Why go there?

?‍♀️ A weekend of relaxation and sport

? Sleep in a castle

?️ Dinner by candlelight

Have you always dreamed of sleeping in a castle? Then plan a romantic weekend to play at being rich. After a hearty breakfast, you can enjoy the tennis court, billiard room or ping pong table. There’s even a swimming pool for those hot summer days.

It’s the perfect way to spend an unusual romantic weekend together!

6. Fishing on foot in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

îles Chausey-normandie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – andre quinou

Why go there?

? To walk barefoot in the sand

? Admire the landscapes of the Îles Chausey nature reserve

? See dolphins and seals in their natural environment

Embark on an unusual weekend in Normandy! Sail the waters of the English Channel to discover the Chausey Islands. And then, once on the boat, during the crossing from Granville, you may even have the chance to spot dolphins or even seals!

Once you’ve arrived on the islands, you can spend the day swimming in the clear waters that line their sandy beaches. Chilly? Then try your hand at shore fishing and enjoy some of the freshest mussels, razor clams and other shellfish you’ll ever eat. Plus, they say it’s an aphrodisiac! Perfect for a romantic weekend!

7. Spa and beer in Joinville

falaises du Tréport-normandie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – picarts.de

Why go there?

?‍♀️ Relax in the hotel hammam

? Discover the world’s best beers at the Bierbibliothèque

? Read by the fire

Are you a beer lover? If so, you’ll want to discover the famous Domaine de Joinville Bierbibliothèque, where you’ll have the pleasure of staying for an unusual weekend in Normandy. You’ll also be able to enjoy a privileged moment in a superb balneotherapy bath before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

Afterwards, you can use the next day to explore the surrounding area: the Bay of the Somme and its seals, or the impressive cliffs of Le Tréport. Beer, cute animals and a castle? All in all, the perfect unusual weekend!

8. Casino and Lovebox


Photo credit: Weekendesk

Why go there?

? Flambe au casino

?‍❤️‍? Explore sensuality as a couple

?‍♀️ Regenerate at the spa

Here’s an unusual way to spend a romantic weekend. As well as enjoying a magnificent view of the lake, you’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen the romantic bonds between you. A « Lovebox » containing naughty toys will be waiting for you in your room on arrival. Should you open it before or after enjoying a couple’s scrub at the spa? We’ll let you choose…

What’s more, this unusual stay gives you access to the casino and offers you your first stakes. Intimate moments, a hammam and gambling? All in all, it’s the perfect weekend away for couples who want to feel like James Bond!

9. Sleep at the mythical Mère Poulard

Phénomène de marée haute, Mont Saint-Michel

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ilya Shimanskiy

Why go there?

? Sleeping on Mont Saint Michel is a rare privilege

?️ Taste Mère Poulard’s famous soufflé omelette

? Enjoy a breathtaking view over the bay of Mont Saint Michel and its salt meadows.

What better way to spend an unusual night than to book a romantic weekend in a legendary hotel? The Auberge de la Mère Poulard is legendary. Founded in 1888, it has been serving up delicious homemade specialities ever since, such as its famous soufflé omelette.

What’s more, many celebrities have sat on its benches: Picasso, Coco Chanel, Françoise Sagan… to name but a few. So have fun searching the walls for traces of their passing. Because she liked to ask her guests to leave a souvenir: a photo, a drawing, a dedication… And even today, you can still find them on the walls of the Auberge.

Finally, in the evening, you can round off your unusual weekend with the sound of the world’s highest tides.

10. Sleeping in a giant apple


Photo credit: Abracadaroom

Why go there?

? Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Normandy countryside

? Experience a motionless adventure

? Spend an unusual night in a giant fruit

If you’re asked which fruit best represents Normandy, you’ll answer: « the apple »! And you’d be right. So, for an unusual weekend in Normandy, why not sleep in a giant apple?

Indeed, you can! Set in the middle of a romantic meadow overlooking the Mesnil-Follemprise grove valley, this unusual mini-home is the perfect place to spend an unusual night.

So, in your giant apple made entirely of wood and glass, you can enjoy an ever-changing view from your bed. Sunset and sunrise, fog banks in the early morning and the spectacle of the bocage at any time of day. A truly unusual weekend for couples!