10 unusual romantic weekends in Annecy


Looking for a getaway near Lake Annecy? Then discover 10 of the best romantic weekends in Annecy!

Nicknamed the « Venice of the Alps », Annecy is known for its picturesque charm and splendid mountain views. The region is also full of unusual cultural and sporting activities. Are you dreaming of a weekend by the water, to clear your head and recharge your batteries? Then pack your bags for an unusual romantic weekend in Annecy!

Make the most of this time together and forge lasting memories. To help you do just that, we’ve listed in this guide our 10 favorite places for unusual romantic weekends in Annecy.

1. With canal view

Hôtel Annecy

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Why go there?

– Enjoy beautiful views of the city and canals

– Relax in cosy surroundings

– Discover Annecy from every angle

Located in the heart of the Venice of the Alps, the Hôtel du Palais de l’Isle is a haven of peace for travelers. Rooms overlook the canal, the medieval castle or the city. This cozy nest, ideal for couples, is perfectly placed for discovering Annecy and enjoying its unique atmosphere.

Our favorite activity: paragliding!

And if you’re afraid of getting bored, you can round off your stay in a charming hotel with a paragliding experience. Fly over Lake Annecy and admire the magnificent mountains that surround it. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

2. In a historic hotel

Annecy weekendesk

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Why go there?

– Admire the lake from your room

– Enjoy the wonders of Annecy at any time

– Relax at the hotel spa

Relax in this historic hotel on the shores of Lake Annecy. During your weekend, take time to unwind in the on-site spa. Tranquility and authenticity are the watchwords of the Hôtel Impérial Palace. Ideally located, you’ll enjoy lake views from your room. The town itself is just a stone’s throw away, and easy to explore.

Favorite activity: making your own beer!

To make sure you enjoy a truly unusual romantic weekend in Annecy, combine your stay in this historic hotel with a local craft workshop. Romain, artisan brewer and baker, invites you to spend a day discovering the world of baking and fermentation. On this occasion, you’ll make your own bread and even your own beer!

3. In a chalet

Chalet Annecy - week-end insolite à Annecy

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Why go there?

– Get away from it all

– Admire the lake at every turn

– Relax in picturesque surroundings

This charming chalet is the ideal place for a romantic get-together. Nestled in the heart of nature, you’ll enjoy a superb, unobstructed view of Lake Annecy. In this green setting, in the heart of the meadows, you can relax or go for a pleasant hike.

Our favorite activity: canyoning!

To spice up your stay, and make the most of an unusual romantic weekend in Annecy, you can also take part in an introduction to canyoning. In the magnificent Montmin canyon, you’ll descend streams, pass under waterfalls or slide down natural slides. What a thrilling experience!

4. On the heights of Annecy

weekend annecy

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Why go there?

– Enjoy summer and winter by the pool

– Admire superb panoramic views of the lake and mountains

– Get together in comfortable surroundings

Nestled high above the city, this luxurious hotel is the ideal place to relax and recharge for a weekend. You’ll enjoy our indoor and outdoor swimming pools, hammam, sauna and whirlpool. You can also dine on the lovely terrace. And while you’re there, you can admire the lake and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Favorite activity: introduction to pottery

Take advantage of your stay to discover the town and enjoy its unique atmosphere. For something a little more unusual, you can also take part in a pottery workshop with Laurence, an artisan ceramist. During this workshop, you’ll spend a day learning about the potter’s wheel and making your own pieces. There’s nothing like creating with your hands and letting your creativity run free!

5. Getting up high

annecy lac deltaplane - week-end insolite à Annecy

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Why go there?

– Enjoy the view of the lake

– Fill up on thrills

– An experience for two

For a truly unique experience, why not combine your stay with a hang-gliding flight? Experience the sensation of flying, right over the lake! After contemplating the lake from your room, you’ll enjoy a whole new view from the air!

Favourite accommodation: Hotel du Lac

Housed in a former family home, Hotel Le Bel Abri is just a stone’s throw from Lake Annecy. Rooms feature a charming terrace overlooking the blue waters, in which the mountains are reflected.

Comfortable, cosy and modern, the place is more than conducive to relaxation and reunions. You can easily visit the city of Annecy from this accommodation.

6. In a yurt

Une yourte au calme en Savoie Bauge

Photo credit: Airbnb

Why go there?

– Relax in an unusual setting

– Enjoy the natural surroundings

– A cosy getaway for two

Nestled in the Bauges mountains, this large and beautiful yurt is the ideal place to recharge your batteries. Located in the heart of nature, it’s a calm and peaceful place far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This unusual accommodation will appeal to travelers in search of picturesque relaxation.

But you won’t be bored, if you want to move!

Our favorite activity: via ferrata!

Numerous hiking and mountain biking trails around Annecy are nearby. Lac d’Annecy and Lac d’Aix Les Bains are also just 30 minutes away by car. For a more astonishing activity, we also recommend Via Ferrata! You’ll be on the spot at Thônes, just a few kilometers from Annecy, where you’ll enjoy superb mountain views.

7. In an ancient abbey

Abbaye annecy - week-end insolite à Annecy

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Why go there?

– Admire this historic monument with its unique atmosphere

– Relax in its modern spa

– Enjoy beautiful lake views

Imagine: a beautiful abbey, with its arches and ribbed windows, the lake just a stone’s throw away, a thousand years of history written in stone. This magical setting is an invitation to relax. All the more so since the Abbaye de Talloires has welcomed such prestigious guests as Mark Twain, Paul Cézanne and Jean Reno.

This 4-star hotel, with its spa and gourmet restaurant, is the ideal place for couples to get together and enjoy life to the full.

Our favorite activity: electric hiking

And for a breath of fresh air, combine your stay with an electric mountain bike ride in the Aravis Valley. Located above Annecy, you’ll enjoy magnificent views and a breath of fresh air!

You’ll be sure to remember this unusual romantic weekend in Annecy.

8. In the heart of the Venice of the Alps

Le Sainte Claire - Hyper centre, Vieille Ville, au calme, déco pop art, garage

Photo credit: Airbnb

Why go there?

– Visit the city from every angle

– Stroll around the lake

– Relax in cosy surroundings

Spend a weekend in one of Annecy’s most beautiful and stylish Airbnb apartments. Designed by an architect, this apartment is located on the main street of the Old Town, in the heart of the historic district. Ideal for discovering Annecy, it’s also ideal for a romantic get-together.

Cosy, cozy and beautifully decorated, you’re sure to spend a magical moment here!

Our favorite activity: tasting

Looking for something to do with your partner during this charming stay? We recommend a tasting workshop of the finest wines and cheeses from the French Alps. Led by two experts, a cheesemaker and a sommelier, you’ll be transported to dish after dish, beverage after beverage, in the terroirs of Savoie.

9. Facing the Bauges mountains

L'Orée des Bauges, petit chalet face aux montagnes - week-end insolite à Annecy

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Why go there?

– Enjoy unique mountain views

– Two in the heart of nature

– Take a deep breath of fresh air

If you want to relax away from it all, you can stay at l’Orée des Bauges, a picturesque little chalet in the Alps. Nestled against the mountains, the view from the chalet and its terrace is breathtaking. It’s the perfect place for couples in search of nature and fulfillment.

Located 20 minutes from Annecy and Aix-Les-Bains, the chalet is ideal for discovering the region.

Favourite activity: the Diable Canyon

For the ultimate adventure, travelers can combine their stay with a descent of the Pont du Diable canyon. This famous spot is ideal for an introduction to canyoning. You’ll enjoy the thrills and spills, admire the superb scenery and come away with a lifetime of memories.

10. In a design hotel

hotel cosy annecy - week-end insolite à Annecy

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Why go there?

– Marvel at its unusual decor

– Visit Annecy from every angle

– Enjoy the city’s activities

For an unusual romantic weekend in Annecy, we recommend one of the city’s most charming design hotels: the Boutik. Ideally located for visiting the Venice of the Alps, its atypical decor will win you over.

Each room has its own special features, making it completely unique!

Favorite activity: a hot-air balloon ride

We also recommend that you combine your stay in this comfortable hotel with a hot-air balloon ride. This unusual activity takes place over the waters of Lake Annecy! From up there, you’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Alps.