10 hearts in nature and landscapes

Love is everywhere, and nature is the first to remind us of it: the proof is in these heartfelt landscapes…

This weekend, on the occasion of February 14th, some people were able to spend some lovely romantic moments with their sweethearts (or sweethearts), like these too-cute animal couples. Even if this commercial holiday puts most singles on the sidelines, love is present everywhere and at every age.

As nature constantly reminds us, the landscapes on Earth can be heavenly, and it’s possible to encounter some amazing shapes sometimes. On the day after Valentine’s Day, we’re offering you 10 hearts, symbols of love, that have blended in perfectly with their surroundings.

A rock in the desert

Roche, Coeur, Désert

Photo credit: Pixabay – Skeeze

Lough Bray Lover in the Irish mountains

Lac Ouler, Montagne, Irlande

Photo credit: Flickr – Rob Hurson

The Wicklow Lakes in Ireland are located in the mountains. This one is called « Lough Bray Lover » (or the lake of love) because of its distinctive heart shape.

The heart-shaped window of a cave

Coeur, Fenêtre, Grotte

Photo credit: Pixabay – HaaseWerner

Heart Reef: Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Heart Reef, Corail, Australie

Photo credit: Pixabay – Unsplash

The natural formation and beauty of this coral make it a protected area where swimming and diving are prohibited. It can only be admired from the air, by helicopter or seaplane. The site is much visited by couples in particular, as it’s an ideal place to make original declarations of love.

A heart on the lawn

Coeur, Parc, Nouvelle Angleterre

Photo credit: Pixabay – timt70

In New England, you can sit on these benches and admire a heart on the green lawn. Trees and nature provide a moment of escape in the sun.

A tree trunk full of love

Coeur, Tronc d'arbre

Photo credit: Pixabay – druff_druff

The Heart Lake in Washington

Coeur, Lac, Washington

Photo credit: brewbooks

Olympic National Park is located in Washington State, in the northwestern United States. It includes water areas, a diversity of flora and fauna, as well as mountains and volcanoes. One of its highlights is the small, heart-shapedHeart Lake.

A cloud in love

Coeur, Nuage, Ciel

Photo credit: Pixabay – Stux

Who hasn’t had fun looking up at the sky to find out what clouds look like? Whether they take the form of animals, people or objects, clouds are full of wonders. This one is a perfect cottony heart.

Trees coming together

Coeur, Arbre, Forêt

Photo credit: Wikimedia – Juen

Two tree trunks have come together to form a heart in the forest.

Heart of Voh, New Caledonia

Coeur de Voh, Nouvelle Calédonie <p class= »legendephoto » Wikimedia – ToucanWings

The Coeur de Voh is a natural plant formation on New Caledonia’s Grande Terre. It is a four-hectare natural clearing in the Caledonian lagoon. The mangrove is a forest that is half-terrestrial and half-aquatic.

Main photo credit: Pixabay – AnnaER