10 day trips from Lisbon


Are you in Lisbon and looking to explore the region? Here are the best day trips from Lisbon!

Portugal ‘s capital is a popular tourist destination. Whether you like to stroll through ancient alleyways, marvel at the azulejos or simply enjoy a typical dish, the city has something for everyone. Cultural, artistic or nightlife… you won’t be short of activities.

However, you may want to explore the surrounding area on excursions from Lisbon. After all, Portugal is full of wonderful places less than two hours’ drive from its capital!

So for the Indiana Jones in you, here’s a list of the best day trips from Lisbon.

1. Tomar

Tomar Portugal Excursions depuis Lisbonne

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📍 140 kilometers

🚗 By car: 1h25

🚆 By train: 1h50 from Lisboa Santa Apolónia station

📷Sightseeing: visit the castle and convent

Tomar is one of the excursions from Lisbon that will allow you to admire the history of Portugal. This short day trip will take you back to the time of the Templars.

From the 13th century onwards, they built an impressive castle and a magnificent convent in Tomar: the Convento de Cristo. Both monuments are listed as World Heritage Sites by Unesco.

What’s more, the convent is one of the most beautiful monuments in the whole of Portugal. So, if you’re looking for day trips from Lisbon, don’t hesitate to make a detour to Tomar.

What’s more, it’s a relatively non-touristy destination, and you’ll find yourself in the peace and quiet of a magnificent setting.

2. Evora

Evora Portugal

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📍 130 kilometers

🚗 By car: 1h25

🚆 By train: 1h45 from Lisboa Santa Apolónia station

📷 Things to see and do: the historic city center, a Unesco World Heritage site

Evora is one of the most remote day trips you can make from Lisbon. But it’s well worth the detour! In fact, its entire historic city center is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Stroll between the Roman temple, the (human!) bone chapel and the impressive Gothic cathedral… Lovers of historic architecture and the bizarre will be delighted!

Finally, one last piece of advice: use a rental car to get there. That way, you won’t be rushed by the last train schedules.

Given the beauty of the area, it would be a shame to have to cut short one of the most beautiful day trips from Lisbon.

3. Nazaré

Nazaré Portugal excursion depuis Lisbonne

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📍 120 kilometers

🚗 By car: 1h20

📷 Things to see/do: in winter, admire the nearly 30m-high waves

One of the most impressive excursions from Lisbon is to Nazaré. This seaside town is world-famous for the size of the waves that form along its coastline in winter. For example, they can reach 30 meters in height!

Nazaré is a day trip from Lisbon for thrill-seekers and experienced surfers.

If you’re not one of the latter, you can still enjoy the seaside atmosphere, cafés, restaurants and beach. All in all, an excellent day trip from Lisbon!

4. Obidos

Obidos Portugal

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📍 85 kilometers

🚗 By car: 1h

🚆 By train: 2h30 from Lisboa Santa Apolónia station

📷Sightseeing: medieval streets, castle

Among the most tranquil excursions from Lisbon, the trip to Obidos could be the first. In fact, this day trip is for those who want to get away from the city and find some peace and quiet.

Because even if the town gets crowded at midday with the arrival of tourists, it’s easy to escape the crowds by getting lost in the narrow streets with their traditional painted houses.

But don’t forget to visit the castle. Not all day trips from Lisbon offer the chance to admire such beautiful sights!

5. Setubal

Setubal Portugal excursion depuis Lisbonne

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📍 50 kilometers

🚗 By car: 40 minutes

🚆 By train: 1h20 by train from Lisboa Santa Apolónia station

📷Sightseeing and activities: Azeitão, Arrábida Natural Park, Mercado do Livramento, Rio Sado Estuary Nature Reserve…

Setubal is one of the most complete excursions from Lisbon! Nature lovers, gourmets, lovers of picturesque walks… there’s something for everyone.

In the Azeitão district, for example, you can sample the region’s wines and cheeses. Then visit the Mercado do Livramento, the best fish market in Portugal.

Finally, take a stroll through the Arrábida nature park and the rio Sado estuary nature reserve to enjoy the great outdoors. So, yes, Setubal is one of the day trips from Lisbon not to be missed!

6. The wine route between Cheleiros and Bucelas

Route des vins Lisbonne Portugal

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📍 45 kilometers

🚗 By car: 45 minutes then 30 minutes between the two towns

📷 Things to see / things to do: taste the region’s wines… in moderation

One of the nicest excursions from Lisbon is undoubtedly to the vineyards of Cheleiros and Bucelas, to the north of the city. Stop off at the wineries and cellars along the way to sample the local produce.

As well as delighting your taste buds, don’t forget to feast your eyes on the magnificent scenery of Portugal’s vineyards along the way.

Last but not least, don’t miss the chance to taste this very rare wine that many thought had disappeared until it was rediscovered. One of the best gastronomic day trips from Lisbon!

7. Mafra and Ericeira

Mafra Portugal excursion depuis Lisbonne

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📍 40 kilometers

🚗 By car: 40 minutes from Lisbon to Mafra, then 10 minutes from there to Ericeira

📷 What to see / What to do: Mafra national palace, beach

Mafra is one of the most beautiful excursions from Lisbon. Here you’ll find the largest Baroque palace ever built. In fact, it covers no less than four hectares!

Dating from the 18th century, it also houses the longest tunnel ever built in a palace. So, if you’re planning a day trip to Mafra’s National Palace, be sure to bring good shoes and plenty of room for your camera.

With its 1,200 rooms (not all of which are open to visitors, of course), you’ll have warm feet by the end of the day.

And why not push on to Ericeira? A small, traditional village on the coast, it boasts a number of beautiful beaches for surfing and relaxing.

So don’t hesitate to try these two day trips from Lisbon, for a relaxing and cultural experience.

8. Cascais and Cabo da Roca

Cascais Portugal

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📍 35 kilometers

🚗 By car: 35 minutes

🚆 By train: 40 minutes from Cais do Sodré station

📷 What to see / What to do: the westernmost point of continental Europe, the beach

Cascais is one of the best day trips from Lisbon to take when the weather is warm. In fact, this seaside resort is a favorite destination for Lisboans.

You’ll be able to enjoy the beach, take a swim or sample some fish with a view of the ocean. Lovers of old buildings can also admire the superb 19th-century mansions.

What’s more, not far from Cascais you’ll find Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe.

Finally, don’t miss a visit to the « Mouth of Hell », a chasm where the sea roars as it breaks against the rocks. If you’re a fan of fresh-air excursions from Lisbon, this is the one for you.

9. Sintra

Sintra Portugal Excursion depuis Lisbonne

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📍 29 kilometers

🚗 By car: 30 minutes

🚆 By train: 1h from Lisboa Santa Apolónia station

📷Sightseeing and activities: Pena National Palace, Quinta da Regaleira, Monserrate Palace…

Sintra is one of Lisbon’s must-see excursions. In fact, if you’re a lover of enchantment, palaces and grandiose landscapes, you’ve got to go!

A former vacation spot of 19th-century Portuguese nobility (and the rich), it features eight palaces, each more extravagant than the last. A real marvel to visit on your day trips from Lisbon.

10. The statue of Christ the King and the Costa da Caparica

Costa Da Caparica Portugal

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📍 15 kilometers

🚗 By car: 19 minutes

🗺️ Itinerary by ferry then on foot or by bus: from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas harbor then take bus 101. Or walk and take the Boca do Vento panoramic elevator for an excursion from Lisbon sportive.

📷 What to see / What to do: admire Lisbon from the Cristo Rey, the beaches

This is one of the closest day trips from Lisbon you can take. The statue of Christ the King is one of Lisbon’s most famous monuments.

Standing on a 130m-high, 110m-high cliff, it is indeed a very impressive sight, overlooking the Tagus estuary. What’s more, from its platform, you have an incredible panoramic view of Lisbon and the surrounding area. It’s a sight to behold.

But if you’re more interested in lazy day trips from Lisbon, don’t hesitate to push on to the Costa da Caparica seaside resort. It’s accessible by public transport, and you’ll find magnificent, almost deserted beaches!

So, when do you leave for excursions from Lisbon?