10 day trips from Dubrovnik

Excursion depuis Dubrovnik à la Plage de Pasjača

Are you in Dubrovnik and want to explore the surrounding area? Here are the 10 best day trips from Dubrovnik, chosen just for you!

Dubrovnik is a pretty Croatian city, also known as the « Pearl of the Adriatic ». It’s the most fashionable city in the country! Foreign travellers come to marvel at its impressive historical heritage, where monuments and sumptuous tourist attractions abound. But the city’s exterior is not to be outdone either!

If, once you’re here, you’d like to organize a day trip to explore the surrounding area, we can suggest some interesting destinations. Here are the day trips from Dubrovnik that are well worth a visit. Don’t thank us, we’re sure you will!

1. Lokrum Island

Excursion depuis Dubrovnik à l'Ile de Lokrum

Photo credit: Shutterstock – OPIS Zagreb

📍 5 kilometers

🛥️ By boat: 20 minutes (take the ferry at the old port)

📷Sightseeing / activities: Dubrovnik Botanical Gardens, monastery ruins

Why not start with one of the region’s best day trips from Dubrovnik? Just across from the city, theisland of Lokrum is a veritable paradise!

Here you’ll find the Dead Sea and a small salt lake, linked to the Adriatic Sea by a network of underwater cavities. Naturists will be delighted with a dedicated beach. Aficionados of the « Game of Thrones » series will also find some sets from the second season, filmed on location.

2. Trsteno

Trsteno en Croatie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – nadtochiy

📍 20 kilometers

🚗 By car: 25 minutes

🚌 By bus: 30 minutes (take the bus from the bus station)

📷 What to see / What to do: Arboretum, museum

No, I promise, there’ll be no boredom on your next trip to Croatia: a great day trip from Dubrovnik awaits you! Trsteno is a village located some twenty kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik.

The village is famous for its arboretum, a botanical garden founded by the Gučetić family in the 15th century. It’s one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, and you can even find trees planted… when it was created 500 years ago. Splen-dide!

3. Elaphite Islands

Excursion à la journée depuis Dubrovnik aux Îles Élaphites

Photo credit: Shutterstock – OPIS Zagreb

📍 20 kilometers

⛴️ By ferry: 1 hour (take ferry from Gruž terminal)

📷 Things to see and do: swimming, cycling

This excursion is sure to please! The Elaphite Islands are an archipelago of thirteen islands to the north-east of Dubrovnik.

It’s easily reached by ferry from Gruž. In addition to beautiful beaches inviting you to relax, theisland of Sudurad is home to two small castles and a beautiful medieval church. What’s more, Šunj Bay on theisland of Lopud is considered one of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches!

4. Kaštio Fortress

Forteresse de Kaštio

Photo credit: Shutterstock – AndreasP83

📍 55 kilometers

🚗 By car: 55 minutes

🚌 By bus: 1h20 (take the bus from the Gruž bus station)

📷 What to see / What to do: eat seafood, discover heritage

Let yourself be tempted by this day trip from Dubrovnik. It’s a must-see for the whole region. The ramparts of this splendid 14th-century fortress are almost six kilometers long!

These monumental walls, the longest in Europe, are an architectural prodigy and heritage masterpiece. We also recommend a visit to one of the many seafood restaurants in the area.

The food is succulent and accompanied by local wines. What more could you ask for?

5. Lakes of Baćina

Excursion depuis Dubrovnik aux Lacs de Baćina

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Sleepyhobbit

📍 110 kilometers

🚗 By car: 1h50

📷 Things to see/do: boating, kayaking, swimming, camping

The Generation Voyage team presents one of its favorites. It’s one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik, selected just for you: a trip to the Baćina lakes.

Located near the town of the same name, these seven lakes (six of which are connected) are the region’s best-known freshwater lakes. Come and swim with friends or family in the Croatian sunshine…

There are plenty of activities on offer, including boating, stand-up paddling and kayaking. Where would you like to start?

6. Mljet National Park

Parc national de Mljet

Photo credit: Shutterstock – OPIS Zagreb

📍 110 kilometers

🚗 By car + ⛴️ ferry: 2h30 (drive to Prapratno then take the ferry)

📷 What to see / What to do: stroll and enjoy the panorama

For a day trip from Dubrovnik that’s out of the ordinary, we present theisland of Mljet, the most beautiful island in the Adriatic! Rich in natural beauty and fine sandy beaches, it is located in southern Dalmatia and features a national park.

There are two bays (so enclosed they look like lakes) on the island, and you can also access a small island lost on one of them. During the summer season, it costs 100 kn (Croatian kuna, approx. €13) for adults and 40 kn (approx. €5) for children over 6.

7. Pasjača Beach

Excursion depuis Dubrovnik à la Plage de Pasjača

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Simun Ascic

📍 30 kilometers

🚗 By car: 35 minutes

📷 Things to see and do: lounging and swimming

A tempting idea for a day trip from Dubrovnik. It attracts many visitors every year, and they’re not mistaken! This pretty stretch of sand lies below the village of Popovići, some 30 km south of Dubrovnik.

Lounging here is well worth the effort: the beach is difficult to access, as the path leads along a cliff almost 200 metres high. Good shoes are a must, but the turquoise water is well worth the trip – you’ll love it!

8. Sniježnica Mountain

Montagne Sniježnica

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Omar Tursic

📍 30 kilometers

🚗 By car: 40 minutes

📷 What to see / What to do: stroll and enjoy the sumptuous panoramas

Well, since you can’t decide which are the best day trips from Dubrovnik, we’ve done it for you. Mount Sniježnica is a popular destination for walkers.

This mountain (sorry, hill rather) offers sumptuous panoramic views of the Herzegovina mountains, the Orjen mountain and even the town of Cavtat. The whole of Montenegro is revealed at the summit!

Don’t worry, the 1,234 metres are easy to climb, and anyone can do it!

9. Gromačka Cave

📍 20 kilometers

🚗 By car: 30 minutes

📷 What to see / What to do: follow the primitive tracks

What to do on your next trip? Generation Voyage presents one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik. Gromačka Cave was only discovered in 1985 during a search for water sources.

The entrance is particularly spectacular, with a salt marsh over 75 metres long! Renowned for the beauty of its turquoise waters, the cave is also known for its perfectly fossilized human footprints dating back to prehistoric times. An absolute must-see!

10. Kojan Koral

📍 30 kilometers

🚗 By car: 35 minutes

📷 Things to see and do: Quad biking and horse riding

Last but not least, the Generation Voyage team can assure you that this is without doubt one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik. Kojan Koral, near Konavle, is a hub of varied activities for enjoying the natural beauty of this pretty wilderness.

On a quad bike, for example, you’ll cross the Konavle field, the Ljuta stream, swamps and vast plains. Buggies, horseback riding and mountain biking also offer a wide variety of ways to enjoy yourself.

So, what excursion will you be taking during your stay in Dubrovnik?